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A few years ago if you asked me what my motivation was I would have blankly stared at you then after a few seconds of no thinking, I  would go ahead and ask you “In what way?” A motive is a drive, Motivation is something that drives you to do what you do. So,  What motivates you? 

“It takes a lot of courage to grow up and become who you really are” E.E Cummings.

Each person has something that inspires them to carry on with life. What motivates me is not what motivate you or another person. I was curious about what motivates others because I did not want to cage myself  in the imagination of all of us being driven by the same thing. I interacted with friends and asked them about what motivates them. I was overwhelmed by the responses they gave and it really opened me up. I discovered how unique each one of us is and in amusement all I could do is wish them an year driven by their motivation.

My Thoughts on Selected Responses;

  •  Passion is a feeling, feelings come and go. If your passion motivates you, that is okay as long as you can nurture that feeling. But what if you identified something of value, something that could bring about transformation, develop yourself around that thing you identified and feel your passions grow around it.
  • Dreams- I must say I fall under this category but as much as I thought I had it right, somebody challenged me and asked me about the strategy I had towards achieving my dreams. Dreaming alone will not get you anywhere, like one of my smart friends does; setting goals,having a timeline as to when they should be achieved, re-strategizing and not giving up on your dreams will get you going.
  • Fear- Many people are driven by fear to the point where fear overcomes them instead of them overcoming the fear. They are no longer able to try something new, reason you find someone doing the same job, same position even after years. In this life, there will be so many things to scare us. We are created to feel all emotions; love, hate, fear, guilt, sadness, joy, happiness, etc. Instead of going about life trying to avoid fear, accept that you are meant to feel afraid. It is only then that you will realize that it is never as serious as it looks.

                         Denying self expression can lead to depression.

  • Bills- We all want to have our bills paid on time and so this drives us to work harder, part-time and over-time. It sure drives us but is it what we really came for in this world? What if we focused on building our own apartments, constructing our own water reservoirs and have the bills paid to us?
  • Spouse-  I once had a guy that really got me on my toes. We were only 22, but he had already moved out, had his own business running and paying his bills. I totally relate but what if he/she breaks your trust? You never want to hear from them again, that’s the first move and it may be like this forever, what happens to your motivation? In some cases like mine, somehow the two of you can keep contact and see each other grow.
  • Kids/Family- Keep it up, we all want the best for our loved one. Honestly, seeing my people happy is what I live for besides my personal dreams.
  • Lavish Lifestyle- This is what we all want. Buying any home, car that you want, travelling to any destination that you want, and shopping without worrying about the price tag….BUT… are you willing to put in the hard-work?
  • I do not know- This response caught me off guard, its never too late nor too early to find what you really desire in life, search within you, discover the sparks, things that ignite your soul, meditate, reflect on what makes you happy or what has made you feel fulfilled in the past….that could be it.

Did you know that you are a gift to the world? Gifts are precious, do not just come and go, learn who you really are so that you can become who you are.

You need to get out of your comfort zone and go after what you believe in, do not confine yourself to norms or what people expect of you. You are not living for anyone but yourself. Allow yourself to be adventurous because its only then that you will discover what is of value to you. Its at that time that you will start aligning your skills to match that thing of value you discovered and slowly your passions will grow around it.  In simple terms, Let your passions follow you. If you only follow your passion, you limit yourself in that you have no room to discover what else the universe has in store for you.


Dare to be different_ ” If  you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be” Maya Angelou.


I hope this assists someone. Always remember to involve God in all your plans. 








Every NYE I find myself figuring out how the following year will be like. In many cases I find myself stressing out and so as 2017 begun, I decided to just go in without resolutions. However, I knew that I wanted to be a better person and discover what the year had in store for me.

I had freshly graduated from the University and had high hopes of employment whose consequences included standing in long queues under the scorching sun to drop a government job application which I never received not even an email of regret. My thirst for employment got me working at a warehouse which saw me traverse three counties at the wee hours of the morning and  get back home late. The pay was good, I cannot complain. The contract ended, stayed home for about two weeks, and after that I joined the online community and I must say it has been pretty rewarding even though I’m not there yet.

I have always feared that one time my skin would explode but I was not ready for it this year just when I got myself into an office full of young men. Acne has no manners!!! 2017 has seen me battle with it but it never damaged my esteem. Luckily for me, I have been in the company of Photographers that made me realize how beautiful a smile could make you look no matter the scars on your face. My skin has almost cleared up and thanks to God, medication and good diet. My gallery is so full of beautiful photographs taken by my awesome friends that I have made this year(the photographers). When you get time, look up Iconic Media Ventures on social media(Facebook, Instagram) these guys are so good at their work.

PhotoGrid_1514475617552 photo credits; Iconic Media Ventures

2017 has been the year where my assertiveness has paid off, I have been wise enough to observe signs that would have led to troublesome relationships. I have learnt how to be myself without worrying what others will say or think and I have learnt how to respect peoples spaces. I have been very open minded all year long and this has made me at peace with self.

I have learnt that stepping out of my comfort zone is an opportunity to learn. I have spotted beauty in the smallest of things including the beauty of  learning from a stranger. I have fought my phobias in the company of friends by visiting places I haven’t been to. Having the right company at the right time has made me realize that it is okay to get out once in a while and have a good time. Thank you to everyone that has responded to my calls to step out this year. You all have been good.

Not to forget, this year I have become an auntie to a handsome young man which adds up to an auntie to two fine nephews, Baraka & Liam. I have attended dowry and wedding ceremonies of my age-mates. I have witnessed my childhood best-friend get proposed to. In short, reality has really dawned on me that my age is advancing but I am under no pressure…(sips a drink).

Finally, Glory to the Almighty God for the wonderful year and to my Family for being there for me. Just like 2017, I am stepping into 2018 ready to experience what the universe has in store for me. By the Grace of God, I look forward to more growth all round, good health, love and laughter.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that has been reading my articles, you give me motivation to write. I look forward to your continued love and support as I grow. To each one of you, Cheers to a prosperous and beautiful 2018!!!…..


From me to you with love….xoxo!!!



         When was the last time you said no to a drink offered by a friend? Funny how these friends hit you up at your highest point of need. Liquor must have been an experiment of one great scientist that understood psychology all too well. Discovering that the alcohol component can make you temporarily forget your fears and enjoy the moment must have been some effort, I believe.

        Liquor happens to give you a better effect when in the company of great friends and more so when there is somebody new and attractive who belongs to the opposite sex. The conversations get more interesting and funny as the number of drinks increases. People tell out their deepest secrets some of which may incriminate them, thank goodness for the friendly environment and you are all probably on the same level. some people begin opening up and expressing their feelings and emotions both love and hate. Most of us have either sent or received a drunk text/call, its one of the most embarrassing things. There are those who even start crying over something that happened to them over two years ago and it works as a form of therapy, probably they never had a chance to share it with anyone. Subconsciously, some people relieve their sexual tension that they have been holding up for months and they both wake up next morning strangers but happy, whereas some end up being just prey with loads of regrets.


        I am not advocating for alcohol consumption because we have seen it bring out the inhumane nature in people. Spouses have been shot and strangled to death, people have been raped, young girls have had to abort or be teen parents, endless cases of road accidents, women have had to compete with liquor as co-wives…. The negative consequences are more than there are positives just because most people can not handle how much they consume.

        Emotional and cognitive factors should be considered before one chooses alcohol as their element of stress relieve. Both emotional and cognitive instability have adverse effects when they ‘come into contact’ with alcohol. What alcohol does, as much as it gives us a short-lived form of joy, it brings out our subconscious intents. It kills our ability to make conscious decisions, kills our ability to perceive guilt, kills our ability to negotiate between right and wrong. It gives us confidence to do things that we have always wanted to do irrationally. Psychologists understand that it strengthens the id and weakens the ego and the super ego. Therefore, for the emotionally and mentally unstable, which no one is 100% stable, alcohol tends to make them lethal not only to themselves but also to others.

  • If you cannot handle ‘alcohol’ whereby it causes you to do things that you constantly regret, it the high time you quit.
  • If you are under the age of 18 years, do not even think about it.
  • If you plan to go out on a drinking spree, do not drive.

        If you ever decide to quit drinking, have a concrete reason and let it known to friends that understand you, otherwise, you will end up a worse consumer than before. For example, let them know you quit because of your health, or because it made you make a huge mistake. Another reason you should never be ashamed of telling your people is; because you have been Born Again, God will be very proud of you when you confess it.

Just know your limits, not everything is meant for you…


Side Note;

  1. What does ‘alcohol’ make you do or make someone you know do?
  2. Do those activities encourage or discourage your consumption?

Let’s carry out the discussion on whatsApp or on email…..


I have always had this fear of bridges ever since I fell off one and almost drowned in a river when I was a kid. Every time I’ve had to cross a bridge I do experience that fall effect just when I start catching sleep at night. As an adult, I have always been up to doing things that will help me make peace with my past.

This one time I’m sited in the house googling places I would visit on a budget within Nairobi and Kitengela Hot Glass pops up among other places. It must have been the bridge that made me settle on visiting the place. I felt that it would give me the best opportunity to face my phobia with bridges.

Immediately I posted internet images of the place on my whatsApp statuses and invited friends to join me. I made it clear that we would ride on the famous Rongai matatus which by the way I have always wished to board especially after the “Mat Za Ronga” hit song by @Tunji. It was a bit disappointing that only two responded, my best friend and my Cousin and another one wished to come but he was tied up on the particular day. With no doubt, my amazing younger sister would have been party to the idea only that she was miles away with my baby nephew.

Finally the day arrived and not even the rain stopped us from our adventure. Hooked up in town, boarded a Nganya, took a tuk tuk(Bajaj) at the Masai Lodge stage in Rongai and after a long stretch we were at the Anselm Kitengela Hot Glass. The experience was out of this world. I will let the images speak, besides a picture is worth more than words.



IMG-20171021-WA0103This is the dreaded bridge… good thing is there is someone to help you cross.

IMG_20171022_084806_260From the look on my face you can tell the adrenaline was real… worst case scenario is that there is a baboon that waits for you to get to the center just for it to start swaying the bridge…no lie

IMG-20171021-WA0082That moment of silence as we were all doubting our decision…

IMG-20171021-WA0100Finally the confidence came through…


IMG-20171021-WA0090I fell in Love with the Mosaic design all over the place giving it a magnificent look and feel…

IMG-20171021-WA0087These molded pieces are the main source of attraction, why its called a glass house… you need to see how fast the artisans make these pieces, the burning heat in the furnace will make you want to change your ways because hell is real…

IMG-20171021-WA0152I almost ate the bird on my cus’ hand and the flower molded for us in seconds… the staff members are very social. You will love them…

IMG-20171021-WA0092Come and taste my, African beer (Brenda Fassie)….

IMG-20171021-WA0049Before we left, since it was the week when the Wanjigi Challenge was the trend of town, my people had to pull one. Grim reaper was representative.

You need to pay this place a visit and carry home the amazing glass pieces of art. I had so many requests on the whereabouts of this place by friends after posting images of our amazing time here. All you need is great company, not necessarily a crowd, and a spirit of adventure. I had the best team and with time we will have a lot on our travel diaries.


Enjoy your Festive season, and remember to put God first in all your plans.



I tried calling you, I was lonely and afraid but I had to act brave for the sake of my little ones. I am their hope, even in adversity, they know they are safe when I give them a tender hug and a smile. They feel hopeful when I narrate cooked-up stories of how good my day was just to keep them positive in life.You would not understand what I mean because you let your kids to the comfort of nannies and smartphones. You are too busy for them with your thirst for power.

I tried calling you, but your line was busy. I made myself believe you were busy on another important call. They chased after me, after raiding on my small enterprise. As I was running, I saw them cross over to my brothers shop, without hesitation a trigger was pulled and his lifeless body was lying on his own pool of blood. I wept, not because I had been injured or seen my brother dead, but because of the devastated look on his little girl who walked into the bloody scene.

I tried calling you, third time from a public phone, because they crashed mine when they saw me take pictures of the brutality they carried out. I know you saw my previous calls, and I know you saw my third call. You were busy instructing your men, you were busy giving them orders, orders that you did not care about how they were executed. I was busy calling for your help, you were busy giving orders on our destruction.

I am calling you again, I have nothing left but my poor health which I can’t get treatment, you cannot pick the physicians’ call too. I can see the dying hope in my children, their dreams are getting weaker, their hope on becoming heads in the country is fading. My children are of good will, but are shying away from leadership, to them it seems to be a hot-bed of greed. I want you to assure them of security, peace and love now that I am too weak to perform.

I do not wish to call you again, if I have to, let it be a call to thank you for taking action. If you have to receive another strange call, let it be a call made by my children hoping to shake hands. Let it be a call from my people rejoicing over your humility. Let it be a call from nations booking appointments for an opportunity to feed from your wisdom. Let it be a call from God Almighty appointing you to greatness because of serving diligently the little He trusted you with. Let it be a received call not a missed call.


cc; The Mental Health Organization(IG)

In every 10 people, 1 person suffers from mental health issues.This probably raises the question as to why we do not notice it. The society has trained us to perceive mental disorders in the form of a mad person running around the streets naked.

Many people go through situations that make them lose touch with reality and they hide it in being either introverts or extroverts.

One of the most common mental health disorder is depression which is brought about by low self esteem, rejection, pressure to perform and society’s mark of standard.

The societal mark of standard is the leading cause of depression among generation “xoxo”-those born as from the 90’s. The curvy woman with fair skin and full breasts,the tall dark handsome guy, run the day. The same society will crucify a lady dressing her burst out because that’s what’s left of the things that makes her feel feminine. On one hand she cannot go through a job interview because she doesn’t have the ideal look. On the other hand she is trashed because of her dressing. The result is low self-esteem and consequently depression.

So what if she wears that cute top with her boobies saying hello to society. So what if that’s what makes her feel female???

Guys are not left behind. Most of them suffer from depression without no one noticing due to the stereotype that men should be strong. Men go through a lot of expectation pressure regardless of their career level. An example is a guy coming from a humble background, goes through school and gets to intern at a well know company. Everybody from immediate family, to the extended family and also friends and girlfriends will expect this guy earning about 15,000Kshs a month to provide. He surely will not meet the needs and that’s how we see a good guy turn to drugs along the way and we will be there pointing fingers at money like “money changes people.”

Do not go mad for society. There is too much beauty in being different and in appreciating that you cannot be like everyone else. There are bad days but whenever you are having one, think of all the beautiful things there are in life. You should be a free soul exploring all that the universe has to offer, in this way you not only glow from the inside but also outwardly.

It is okay to seek counselling, smash the myth that going for counselling is a weakness. Nobody but you knows the pressure you are under. You owe nobody but yourself happiness in abundance.

Art therapy, going for sports or hikes, talking to someone you feel connected to are the most effective forms of therapy. Draw, write it down, swim it off, take it away while on top of rocks while hiking. Your mental health matters. Take care of yourself.Most importantly,release yourself to God and let Him guide you.


I must begin by thanking God for the chance to study the Kenyan Sign Language. It has been my dream since my 4th year in campus.

It was just an ordinary day in campus and I was set for a new semester. So I got myself to class in good time eagerly waiting to meet our lecturer for the unit. Shortly after,a young lady with dreadlocks on her head made her way to class followed by an elderly man. I thought that the lady was a classmate and the gent our lecturer. No sooner had I finished convincing that to my head than the lady spoke out greetings signs from the gent. I was a bit confused then realized what was going on. I had never imagined of such a time in my life. Here it was, I was being lectured by a hearing impaired lecturer.This gave birth to my interest in the DEAF culture.

A year later, I enrolled to Sign Language classes and interestingly all of us students were hearing and almost all our teachers were deaf. It was interesting to find out that all that was being said out there about the DEAF was wrong.

They are just like everyone else.They speak and laugh and joke in sign language. They drive, they sing, they read, they marry, they give birth, they cook, they live on their own… 

The DEAF have their own community for which they are proud to be part of. I have learnt from them that they are happiest when they are in their community. They have their own culture just like any other community, THE DEAF CULTURE.

I have been to the church for the DEAF on the 7th floor at Kenbaco house, moi Avenue.Honestly the service is so lively. There is a lot of singing, dancing, clapping, preaching…all this is done through signs apart from dancing and the very loud drums.

In several accounts I have met with hearing impaired persons who get very excited on learning that I can understand their language and communicate. I exercise the rule of delayed partying even though I was in a hurry. When two DEAF persons meet, they take their time  before they part, this is one of the values in the culture.

Even though I have not met many outside class and church,  I feel happy and proud to be part of the DEAF community.


                              Image cc: Internet

I can’t believe it’s already an year down since I started this blog. I know I have not been active but that can be explained.

On 20th of June 2016 a thought crossed my mind and I put it into reality without hesitating. I had to search fast for an appropriate name for my blog the same day and write down what it would be about.

Most of my articles are instant just like an inspiration. By this I mean that I do not pre-think.All I do is open a page and start writing and ideas flow. This is probably why I have not been active lately because my mind has been occupied with a lot of things to the point that I have not had time to just be free. 

I have severaly experienced art  block every time I have tried to write down something. It happens to many I know.

with 20 articles I am glad. I  am looking forward to sharing more with a larger audience. 

To you my numbered audience, thank you for your company for the one year. It is my duty to inspire, educate and entertain you.

One love….xoxo, your girl Rie


When the river ends,Take me to the spring,
Stretch out your arms and hold me with your firm grip,

Do not take your eyes from me as I quench my thirst,

Do not withdraw your attention as I water my soul with the fresh waters from deep beneath the ground,

The waters are my elixir, watch how nourished I will be after my third gulp,

For isn’t a spring way smaller than a river, but it’s waters get people to traverse the universe in search of a single drop.

When the river ends, watch how the wise men do,

They listen to the voices of the wind and follow the omens presented by the universe,

It is only them that knows that the universe has a soul, 

They know that when you really want something, the universe conspires to make sure unto you it is delivered,

The wise ones know the way to the springs, for they let their energies lead them,

So when the river ends and the springs are way too hidden, take me to the wise ones…

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