I must begin by thanking God for the chance to study the Kenyan Sign Language. It has been my dream since my 4th year in campus.

It was just an ordinary day in campus and I was set for a new semester. So I got myself to class in good time eagerly waiting to meet our lecturer for the unit. Shortly after,a young lady with dreadlocks on her head made her way to class followed by an elderly man. I thought that the lady was a classmate and the gent our lecturer. No sooner had I finished convincing that to my head than the lady spoke out greetings signs from the gent. I was a bit confused then realized what was going on. I had never imagined of such a time in my life. Here it was, I was being lectured by a hearing impaired lecturer.This gave birth to my interest in the DEAF culture.

A year later, I enrolled to Sign Language classes and interestingly all of us students were hearing and almost all our teachers were deaf. It was interesting to find out that all that was being said out there about the DEAF was wrong.

They are just like everyone else.They speak and laugh and joke in sign language. They drive, they sing, they read, they marry, they give birth, they cook, they live on their own… 

The DEAF have their own community for which they are proud to be part of. I have learnt from them that they are happiest when they are in their community. They have their own culture just like any other community, THE DEAF CULTURE.

I have been to the church for the DEAF on the 7th floor at Kenbaco house, moi Avenue.Honestly the service is so lively. There is a lot of singing, dancing, clapping, preaching…all this is done through signs apart from dancing and the very loud drums.

In several accounts I have met with hearing impaired persons who get very excited on learning that I can understand their language and communicate. I exercise the rule of delayed partying even though I was in a hurry. When two DEAF persons meet, they take their time  before they part, this is one of the values in the culture.

Even though I have not met many outside class and church,  I feel happy and proud to be part of the DEAF community.


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I can’t believe it’s already an year down since I started this blog. I know I have not been active but that can be explained.

On 20th of June 2016 a thought crossed my mind and I put it into reality without hesitating. I had to search fast for an appropriate name for my blog the same day and write down what it would be about.

Most of my articles are instant just like an inspiration. By this I mean that I do not pre-think.All I do is open a page and start writing and ideas flow. This is probably why I have not been active lately because my mind has been occupied with a lot of things to the point that I have not had time to just be free. 

I have severaly experienced art  block every time I have tried to write down something. It happens to many I know.

with 20 articles I am glad. I  am looking forward to sharing more with a larger audience. 

To you my numbered audience, thank you for your company for the one year. It is my duty to inspire, educate and entertain you.

One love….xoxo, your girl Rie


When the river ends,Take me to the spring,
Stretch out your arms and hold me with your firm grip,

Do not take your eyes from me as I quench my thirst,

Do not withdraw your attention as I water my soul with the fresh waters from deep beneath the ground,

The waters are my elixir, watch how nourished I will be after my third gulp,

For isn’t a spring way smaller than a river, but it’s waters get people to traverse the universe in search of a single drop.

When the river ends, watch how the wise men do,

They listen to the voices of the wind and follow the omens presented by the universe,

It is only them that knows that the universe has a soul, 

They know that when you really want something, the universe conspires to make sure unto you it is delivered,

The wise ones know the way to the springs, for they let their energies lead them,

So when the river ends and the springs are way too hidden, take me to the wise ones…


He called her Purity

For she was full of chastity

Her heart was stacked with clarity

She never allowed herself be charity

For she knew the end is often vanity

Had she not passed through enough men calamity? 

Good thing is she had managed to keep intact her dignity

Silently,she had hoped he would bring a ring to their unity

To make that move her boyfriend did not have the audacity

She lost her patience and she asked him why he was taking too long, which took her a lot of brevity

What she did not know is that she was not his choice, she was a recommendation by his community

These very people had denounced the white lady that had mesmerised his heart back in Britain while studying medicine, her name was Felicity

The story ends when he had to leave Purity, fly back to Britain where he would be with Felicity at his own Liberty

And because of her chastity, Loyalty and purity, Purity got married to a great man that treated her like royalty


Dear ladies do not push him to propose, for if it’s you he wants he will put a ring on it even without your silly hints, quit the nagging or else he will treat you like valueless property. 

#Grumpy Me!!!

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Sometimes I wake up and choke with the fact that I’m not where I want to be. I honestly do not enjoy being in bed any more except of course over the weekends. Most times I wake up and think of what’s ahead and what’s to be done and immediately I start feeling like I have done nothing. It scares me and at the same time annoys me. It’s only when I’m up during the day carrying out tasks that it hits me I’m already doing something though not enough.

I have big dreams I must say, like I know most of my fellow humans have and I have crazy ones too.I dream of being on an island and getting high on the natural scents of its flowers, herbal plants with all kinds of my favourite spices,  the smell of the waters surrounding it and the chirts of the birds plus beautiful sight of butterflies mating in the air.

I’m the type of person who listens and observes more than talking so I’m used to people brushing me off their hitted discussions. It’s not sorry anymore because most times I find the topics boring or rather pointless.When I’m smiling it’s because someone has made a stupid comment that I would have expected to be manufactured by a simpleton.  Never underestimate the power of the silent ones. Okay, I don’t know where I’m going with this. 

I hate the fact that I have to share matatus with bedbugs. Can you imagine that!!! The other day I boarded a route fifty sth matatu. It was all pimped up with screens.It was like a club house.Incase you are thinking of Rongai, you are so wrong. The passengers were cool too, you know, young,good looks sweet colognes kind of cool. It did not take long before I noticed some brown insect crawling on my hand. Being a UoN alumni and having been a visitor to hall 9(do not ask to do what)… I definitely know how a bedbug looks like. No one had informed me that I had to pay double the normal fare to get free bedbugs. I’m not so sure but I think some chap sitted next to me was attacked at some sensitive area.I could see the way he made those scratches as he made a pretentious reach out for his wallet from the back pockets of his white pants…and the way he was handsome…goodness!!! these things have no boundaries…lol.

I have no nakumatt card for my points to be loaded after a hefty shopping or when the change is minimal and has to be converted into points.I rarely shop there unless once in a while when I feel I have some extra coins. But I do have a strong relationship with mama mboga where I can buy  “mboco” and leave a five bob balance to top it up the following day when buying probably “sukuma”… 

My TV is a bit old school so it did not come with installed channels. I have to budget for my rent, electricity, water, waste collection bills and now decoder bills.Did I mention shopping and bus fare… I have a craving for expensive things but at the moment I have to stick to my local town’s market days . I’m religiously there early in the morning when they are opening the bails to get the best of outfits…”Tops na thirty,  viatu na mia soo”…See my life *sob*

This is too much lamenting. But before I’m done, am I the only one who still gets the when will you come to visit me texts from some confused male species????…tsk!!! I need a grown a*s man to ask me out on a proper date, but not now, maybe much later when…*honestly idk*

#What If It Was You

What if it was you,

On the nasty streets…

Begging strangers for money,

Pulling heavy carts against human and motorists traffic,

Hitting drums for frowned passers by who do not care to pay attention,

Digging through city council waste bins for your day’s meal,

Being the easy prey for horny gangs,

Enduring the cold and wet floor during the rainy season.


What if it was you ,

Behind bars for years,

For a crime you did not commit,

For fighting for justice and equality like most of our human rights activists.


What if it was you, 

Who watched your family perish due to careless driving or political based violence,

Deaf and can’t talk, having to watch others fall down with laughter and can’t share in the joke.Worse still, no one cares to learn your language of signs,

On that wheelchair, can not dance to your favourite music and have to rely on someone to push you around,

Relying on medicine every single day for the rest of your life,

In that mental health care unit, with everyone calling you insane.The reason being because you lost touch with reality, due to pressure from unrealistic expectations impacted on you by society.


What If It was you,

Think about it…Nobody is more special than the other


It’s a new year and everyone is set to accomplish things they haven’t had a chance to before. It could be getting a new job, moving out, flying…etc

For some people they are looking forward to find love while others are hoping to learn how to be single.That’s the irony of life though. 

For the lot seeking to find a shoulder to lean on, you might consider consulting those who have been there before. Dating is not as glamorous as instagram couples paint it. It has a lot of ups and downs.On the good side, you will have someone to pass time with, to laugh with, to warm you up(#), to call and text all the time, to match outfits with, to take selfies with and not to forget the endless dates to express your hog self.The downs;  you have a friend or kin that’s way hotter than yourself and you begin to notice your significant other developing interest, talks of being broke and cancelled dates rule the day, your phone rings once in three days and the texts you get are from elitebets encouraging you to play for the jackpot.Before you know it, you are single again and your partner moved on with someone you have known for a long time.

My point is, don’t rush into dating. Chase the paper first.  Invest in such a way that by the time you get your first child you have enough to single handedly see that child through primary education with no financial constraints.

Incase you are planning to go ahead date and get married, be smart. For the ladies, don’t let the guy have everything under his name no matter how much in love you are. I know we women are to be submissive, true, but don’t be naive. Own as much property as you can in that marriage. Things could go wrong and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go back to your mama’s house and more so empty handed. You also would not want another woman to sit on the land you helped buy would you? With your name on the papers you can go claim it.

For the fresh graduates hoping to find employment,that bedsitter or single roomed house you have been staying in while in campus could save you a lot of money. Do not start looking for a bigger house yet. It’s still so early. Your salary is still not so huge to start adding unnecessary expenses on it. And the worst mistake you can ever make is getting that loan to buy a car because your people in the village expect you to own one or because your peers own one. If you have to be driving when travelling upcountry, go to a car hire and minimise your village visits if you have to.When meeting up with friends use uber or even matatus,so what??? 

Do not go broke for society this year.Live by your means and don’t chase after anything that will not bring you both profit and happiness.

With that said, proceed, do what you have to do and remember to put God first in all you do.

          …Happy new year 🙂


After everything was over, she picked up her stuff and found her way to the bus station. She really wanted to beat the early morning traffic.Her 2-year-old daughter had probably woken up and was moving about the house looking for something to eat. 

The previous night had been hectic.She realized that he was just like the rest. She had for a long time hoped to find a man that would see the real her. A man that would appreciate her. A man that would make her feel loved and respected. 

Growing up she saw her mother get abused by the numerous men she brought into their bedsitter. Her mother was jobless and selling her natural resources was the only way she could feed her and her brother. Sadly she lost her mother and brother to a fight. A stranger had visited the mother and refused to pay for her services.An argument followed and the stranger pulled out  a gun. In an attempt to save their mother, the brother was shot too. She saw all this happen but did not know what to do.

She lived with the trauma ever since. Having inherited her mothers job,she along the way got the little girl who was waiting for her to get back to the house. The little girl was made to believe that the mother was a nurse, working night shifts only. 

On this fateful night, she had gone out with a man she met way back at the supermarket. He promised her the world and she had believed him. How could she not anyway, he used to do shopping for her and take her daughter out for fun activities. She believed that maybe she had found a man that really saw her.

The date went on well and they ended up in his mansion. They had a good time. I mean, they had waited for it for months . Although they had had an encounter once, they wanted this one to be special. It was one of those steamy nights. Candle lights everywhere, strawberry bubble baths, melted chocolates, expensive lubes and white sheets. It was going down like crazy.

He had promised to take her home early the next morning before her daughter was up. More to it, he was to do shopping for her and also get breakfast from a food joint for her daughter. He was quite a gentleman right??…

In between the sheets there were no straps, all bare. After the shots were made, cuddles exchanged, they slept after he told her how amazing she was. On her side, he was all she wanted, he knew how to touch just the right places.The moment was worth the while.She could not believe what a score!!!

It was in the morning at around 6:30am that she felt pressed and found her way to the washroom and went back.As she climbed back to bed she felt a can roll on her feet. She slowly and keenly picked it up inorder to place it back nicely.

Blood froze in her system, immediately she got numb and could not speak. She could not believe that the guy had hidden his vital condition for all that long. She felt bitter and wasted. She took the pillow and pressed it hard on his airway till he could no longer breath.

She had no idea how she would face her daughter. Maybe she had acted so fast but no, she remembered seeing the guy swallow a pill from the can the previous night. She was definitely right. Her suspicion was correct.

Her deep hidden anger which she had carried for years just sprung up. She did what she had wanted to do the night her mother and brother were murdered. She had trusted him, she had seen a future with him, she had found redemption. But now all that was no more…In real sense it was not even going to happen.

There she was at the bus stop, a murderer and the latest addition to the ARVs family.

It was a new dawn…this time only way much darker…


Lately, if you have interacted with primary school kids you will learn that in their schools there is a lot of bullying based on the physical appearances.

Childhood is the most delicate stage in human life. What happens to us when we are children will affect us at some point in our lives and for some people for the rest of their lives.

We have heard of cases of women who try dating but give up on the relationship even before it’s far gone.They gain disgust and mistrust for their spouses.Continous therapy results reveals cases of stigmatization that had been repressed dating back to their childhood. It could have been molestation or bullying. 

Most of the ladies who have had a change of skin tone or have suffered depression and self hate it’s because someone told them they were not beautiful enough. Now imagine when a kid somewhere in primary school is being bullied because she is of dark colour or because she is short or her dental is otherwise…this kid will grow to hate herself. Worse still the larger society out there is the bigger bully.

I wish the society could just stop defining beauty and setting up standard measures for it.Beauty is skin deep. It should not matter how dark or light skin you are or your general physique…but again the society thinks otherwise.

If you get a chance, let every young girl know that they are beautiful.I wish I could travel to all primary schools and stop the stigmatization. It would be my pleasure to let the kids know that who they are inside is much more important than the physical.

Kindly reach out to every kid you know. Instill self love and confidence in them.Let them appreciate everything about themselves. Let them look at their perceived limitations as their strongest points.



At times my mind trips and I feel energies over the universe. Sometimes I imagine that there are creatures with greater energy than humanity. We do not have that power to see or feel them . These creatures control our existence . Their souls are in sync with nature and their programmed activities make make us as humans get a fair deal at survival . The young ones of the super creatures have us as their puppets. They control us with strings we can not see.When they cry it rains, When they are moving about it gets windy, when they sleep it’s day time for us because they are no longer blocking the source of light…When they are awake, it is night time for us and their eyes are the features that appear in the sky…. I feel that they  watch us at times.

I also think that animals have an energy we as humans can not perceive. Don’t you think that just as we have evolved, they have evolved too. I believe that they have a whole beautiful world that we can never understand . They have their own developments and all kinds of luxuries that we can never see. We pay to go see them they do not need to pay us to come to our world. At times I think that they laugh at us wondering why we try so hard with existence. I imagine that there is nothing like straying, they come to our habitats as tourists and check on how we are doing. They run away from us when we scare them because they want to make us feel that we won… It’s only when we become a nuisance that they attack us.

Ps: I think I sniffed on a strange mushroom…