HashTalk was started by Lynnet aka rie_the_muse(that’s me).I basically write what comes to mind when an afflatus strikes.Anything!!! 

I’m a free spirit and I do not consider using big words being fancy in any way. As you will notice, the simple English I use is adequate enough to share my imaginations and thoughts.

  • The reason as to why I labelled it HashTalk is  because a hashtag was the first icon that caught my eyes when creating the site.
  • Again I just love hashtags for how they look###
  • Thirdly,being a silent observer, I aim at talking about issues,situations and events that people rarely notice and would easily put a hashtag mark on them as less important yet they are so crucial. 

I therefore take this chance to propose to you…will you be my lovely loyal follower/reader, in funny and in sad, in thrilling and in not so thrilling, in emotional and in fictional articles, till laziness do us part???


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