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A few years ago if you asked me what my motivation was I would have blankly stared at you then after a few seconds of no thinking, I  would go ahead and ask you “In what way?” A motive is a drive, Motivation is something that drives you to do what you do. So,  What motivates you? 

“It takes a lot of courage to grow up and become who you really are” E.E Cummings.

Each person has something that inspires them to carry on with life. What motivates me is not what motivate you or another person. I was curious about what motivates others because I did not want to cage myself  in the imagination of all of us being driven by the same thing. I interacted with friends and asked them about what motivates them. I was overwhelmed by the responses they gave and it really opened me up. I discovered how unique each one of us is and in amusement all I could do is wish them an year driven by their motivation.

My Thoughts on Selected Responses;

  •  Passion is a feeling, feelings come and go. If your passion motivates you, that is okay as long as you can nurture that feeling. But what if you identified something of value, something that could bring about transformation, develop yourself around that thing you identified and feel your passions grow around it.
  • Dreams- I must say I fall under this category but as much as I thought I had it right, somebody challenged me and asked me about the strategy I had towards achieving my dreams. Dreaming alone will not get you anywhere, like one of my smart friends does; setting goals,having a timeline as to when they should be achieved, re-strategizing and not giving up on your dreams will get you going.
  • Fear- Many people are driven by fear to the point where fear overcomes them instead of them overcoming the fear. They are no longer able to try something new, reason you find someone doing the same job, same position even after years. In this life, there will be so many things to scare us. We are created to feel all emotions; love, hate, fear, guilt, sadness, joy, happiness, etc. Instead of going about life trying to avoid fear, accept that you are meant to feel afraid. It is only then that you will realize that it is never as serious as it looks.

                         Denying self expression can lead to depression.

  • Bills- We all want to have our bills paid on time and so this drives us to work harder, part-time and over-time. It sure drives us but is it what we really came for in this world? What if we focused on building our own apartments, constructing our own water reservoirs and have the bills paid to us?
  • Spouse-  I once had a guy that really got me on my toes. We were only 22, but he had already moved out, had his own business running and paying his bills. I totally relate but what if he/she breaks your trust? You never want to hear from them again, that’s the first move and it may be like this forever, what happens to your motivation? In some cases like mine, somehow the two of you can keep contact and see each other grow.
  • Kids/Family- Keep it up, we all want the best for our loved one. Honestly, seeing my people happy is what I live for besides my personal dreams.
  • Lavish Lifestyle- This is what we all want. Buying any home, car that you want, travelling to any destination that you want, and shopping without worrying about the price tag….BUT… are you willing to put in the hard-work?
  • I do not know- This response caught me off guard, its never too late nor too early to find what you really desire in life, search within you, discover the sparks, things that ignite your soul, meditate, reflect on what makes you happy or what has made you feel fulfilled in the past….that could be it.

Did you know that you are a gift to the world? Gifts are precious, do not just come and go, learn who you really are so that you can become who you are.

You need to get out of your comfort zone and go after what you believe in, do not confine yourself to norms or what people expect of you. You are not living for anyone but yourself. Allow yourself to be adventurous because its only then that you will discover what is of value to you. Its at that time that you will start aligning your skills to match that thing of value you discovered and slowly your passions will grow around it.  In simple terms, Let your passions follow you. If you only follow your passion, you limit yourself in that you have no room to discover what else the universe has in store for you.


Dare to be different_ ” If  you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be” Maya Angelou.


I hope this assists someone. Always remember to involve God in all your plans. 







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