Every NYE I find myself figuring out how the following year will be like. In many cases I find myself stressing out and so as 2017 begun, I decided to just go in without resolutions. However, I knew that I wanted to be a better person and discover what the year had in store for me.

I had freshly graduated from the University and had high hopes of employment whose consequences included standing in long queues under the scorching sun to drop a government job application which I never received not even an email of regret. My thirst for employment got me working at a warehouse which saw me traverse three counties at the wee hours of the morning and  get back home late. The pay was good, I cannot complain. The contract ended, stayed home for about two weeks, and after that I joined the online community and I must say it has been pretty rewarding even though I’m not there yet.

I have always feared that one time my skin would explode but I was not ready for it this year just when I got myself into an office full of young men. Acne has no manners!!! 2017 has seen me battle with it but it never damaged my esteem. Luckily for me, I have been in the company of Photographers that made me realize how beautiful a smile could make you look no matter the scars on your face. My skin has almost cleared up and thanks to God, medication and good diet. My gallery is so full of beautiful photographs taken by my awesome friends that I have made this year(the photographers). When you get time, look up Iconic Media Ventures on social media(Facebook, Instagram) these guys are so good at their work.

PhotoGrid_1514475617552 photo credits; Iconic Media Ventures

2017 has been the year where my assertiveness has paid off, I have been wise enough to observe signs that would have led to troublesome relationships. I have learnt how to be myself without worrying what others will say or think and I have learnt how to respect peoples spaces. I have been very open minded all year long and this has made me at peace with self.

I have learnt that stepping out of my comfort zone is an opportunity to learn. I have spotted beauty in the smallest of things including the beauty of  learning from a stranger. I have fought my phobias in the company of friends by visiting places I haven’t been to. Having the right company at the right time has made me realize that it is okay to get out once in a while and have a good time. Thank you to everyone that has responded to my calls to step out this year. You all have been good.

Not to forget, this year I have become an auntie to a handsome young man which adds up to an auntie to two fine nephews, Baraka & Liam. I have attended dowry and wedding ceremonies of my age-mates. I have witnessed my childhood best-friend get proposed to. In short, reality has really dawned on me that my age is advancing but I am under no pressure…(sips a drink).

Finally, Glory to the Almighty God for the wonderful year and to my Family for being there for me. Just like 2017, I am stepping into 2018 ready to experience what the universe has in store for me. By the Grace of God, I look forward to more growth all round, good health, love and laughter.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that has been reading my articles, you give me motivation to write. I look forward to your continued love and support as I grow. To each one of you, Cheers to a prosperous and beautiful 2018!!!…..


From me to you with love….xoxo!!!



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