When was the last time you said no to a drink offered by a friend? Funny how these friends hit you up at your highest point of need. Liquor must have been an experiment of one great scientist that understood psychology all too well. Discovering that the alcohol component can make you temporarily forget your fears and enjoy the moment must have been some effort, I believe.

        Liquor happens to give you a better effect when in the company of great friends and more so when there is somebody new and attractive who belongs to the opposite sex. The conversations get more interesting and funny as the number of drinks increases. People tell out their deepest secrets some of which may incriminate them, thank goodness for the friendly environment and you are all probably on the same level. some people begin opening up and expressing their feelings and emotions both love and hate. Most of us have either sent or received a drunk text/call, its one of the most embarrassing things. There are those who even start crying over something that happened to them over two years ago and it works as a form of therapy, probably they never had a chance to share it with anyone. Subconsciously, some people relieve their sexual tension that they have been holding up for months and they both wake up next morning strangers but happy, whereas some end up being just prey with loads of regrets.


        I am not advocating for alcohol consumption because we have seen it bring out the inhumane nature in people. Spouses have been shot and strangled to death, people have been raped, young girls have had to abort or be teen parents, endless cases of road accidents, women have had to compete with liquor as co-wives…. The negative consequences are more than there are positives just because most people can not handle how much they consume.

        Emotional and cognitive factors should be considered before one chooses alcohol as their element of stress relieve. Both emotional and cognitive instability have adverse effects when they ‘come into contact’ with alcohol. What alcohol does, as much as it gives us a short-lived form of joy, it brings out our subconscious intents. It kills our ability to make conscious decisions, kills our ability to perceive guilt, kills our ability to negotiate between right and wrong. It gives us confidence to do things that we have always wanted to do irrationally. Psychologists understand that it strengthens the id and weakens the ego and the super ego. Therefore, for the emotionally and mentally unstable, which no one is 100% stable, alcohol tends to make them lethal not only to themselves but also to others.

  • If you cannot handle ‘alcohol’ whereby it causes you to do things that you constantly regret, it the high time you quit.
  • If you are under the age of 18 years, do not even think about it.
  • If you plan to go out on a drinking spree, do not drive.

        If you ever decide to quit drinking, have a concrete reason and let it known to friends that understand you, otherwise, you will end up a worse consumer than before. For example, let them know you quit because of your health, or because it made you make a huge mistake. Another reason you should never be ashamed of telling your people is; because you have been Born Again, God will be very proud of you when you confess it.

Just know your limits, not everything is meant for you…


Side Note;

  1. What does ‘alcohol’ make you do or make someone you know do?
  2. Do those activities encourage or discourage your consumption?

Let’s carry out the discussion on whatsApp or on email…..


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