I have always had this fear of bridges ever since I fell off one and almost drowned in a river when I was a kid. Every time I’ve had to cross a bridge I do experience that fall effect just when I start catching sleep at night. As an adult, I have always been up to doing things that will help me make peace with my past.

This one time I’m sited in the house googling places I would visit on a budget within Nairobi and Kitengela Hot Glass pops up among other places. It must have been the bridge that made me settle on visiting the place. I felt that it would give me the best opportunity to face my phobia with bridges.

Immediately I posted internet images of the place on my whatsApp statuses and invited friends to join me. I made it clear that we would ride on the famous Rongai matatus which by the way I have always wished to board especially after the “Mat Za Ronga” hit song by @Tunji. It was a bit disappointing that only two responded, my best friend and my Cousin and another one wished to come but he was tied up on the particular day. With no doubt, my amazing younger sister would have been party to the idea only that she was miles away with my baby nephew.

Finally the day arrived and not even the rain stopped us from our adventure. Hooked up in town, boarded a Nganya, took a tuk tuk(Bajaj) at the Masai Lodge stage in Rongai and after a long stretch we were at the Anselm Kitengela Hot Glass. The experience was out of this world. I will let the images speak, besides a picture is worth more than words.



IMG-20171021-WA0103This is the dreaded bridge… good thing is there is someone to help you cross.

IMG_20171022_084806_260From the look on my face you can tell the adrenaline was real… worst case scenario is that there is a baboon that waits for you to get to the center just for it to start swaying the bridge…no lie

IMG-20171021-WA0082That moment of silence as we were all doubting our decision…

IMG-20171021-WA0100Finally the confidence came through…


IMG-20171021-WA0090I fell in Love with the Mosaic design all over the place giving it a magnificent look and feel…

IMG-20171021-WA0087These molded pieces are the main source of attraction, why its called a glass house… you need to see how fast the artisans make these pieces, the burning heat in the furnace will make you want to change your ways because hell is real…

IMG-20171021-WA0152I almost ate the bird on my cus’ hand and the flower molded for us in seconds… the staff members are very social. You will love them…

IMG-20171021-WA0092Come and taste my, African beer (Brenda Fassie)….

IMG-20171021-WA0049Before we left, since it was the week when the Wanjigi Challenge was the trend of town, my people had to pull one. Grim reaper was representative.

You need to pay this place a visit and carry home the amazing glass pieces of art. I had so many requests on the whereabouts of this place by friends after posting images of our amazing time here. All you need is great company, not necessarily a crowd, and a spirit of adventure. I had the best team and with time we will have a lot on our travel diaries.


Enjoy your Festive season, and remember to put God first in all your plans.



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