I tried calling you, I was lonely and afraid but I had to act brave for the sake of my little ones. I am their hope, even in adversity, they know they are safe when I give them a tender hug and a smile. They feel hopeful when I narrate cooked-up stories of how good my day was just to keep them positive in life.You would not understand what I mean because you let your kids to the comfort of nannies and smartphones. You are too busy for them with your thirst for power.

I tried calling you, but your line was busy. I made myself believe you were busy on another important call. They chased after me, after raiding on my small enterprise. As I was running, I saw them cross over to my brothers shop, without hesitation a trigger was pulled and his lifeless body was lying on his own pool of blood. I wept, not because I had been injured or seen my brother dead, but because of the devastated look on his little girl who walked into the bloody scene.

I tried calling you, third time from a public phone, because they crashed mine when they saw me take pictures of the brutality they carried out. I know you saw my previous calls, and I know you saw my third call. You were busy instructing your men, you were busy giving them orders, orders that you did not care about how they were executed. I was busy calling for your help, you were busy giving orders on our destruction.

I am calling you again, I have nothing left but my poor health which I can’t get treatment, you cannot pick the physicians’ call too. I can see the dying hope in my children, their dreams are getting weaker, their hope on becoming heads in the country is fading. My children are of good will, but are shying away from leadership, to them it seems to be a hot-bed of greed. I want you to assure them of security, peace and love now that I am too weak to perform.

I do not wish to call you again, if I have to, let it be a call to thank you for taking action. If you have to receive another strange call, let it be a call made by my children hoping to shake hands. Let it be a call from my people rejoicing over your humility. Let it be a call from nations booking appointments for an opportunity to feed from your wisdom. Let it be a call from God Almighty appointing you to greatness because of serving diligently the little He trusted you with. Let it be a received call not a missed call.


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