cc; The Mental Health Organization(IG)

In every 10 people, 1 person suffers from mental health issues.This probably raises the question as to why we do not notice it. The society has trained us to perceive mental disorders in the form of a mad person running around the streets naked.

Many people go through situations that make them lose touch with reality and they hide it in being either introverts or extroverts.

One of the most common mental health disorder is depression which is brought about by low self esteem, rejection, pressure to perform and society’s mark of standard.

The societal mark of standard is the leading cause of depression among generation “xoxo”-those born as from the 90’s. The curvy woman with fair skin and full breasts,the tall dark handsome guy, run the day. The same society will crucify a lady dressing her burst out because that’s what’s left of the things that makes her feel feminine. On one hand she cannot go through a job interview because she doesn’t have the ideal look. On the other hand she is trashed because of her dressing. The result is low self-esteem and consequently depression.

So what if she wears that cute top with her boobies saying hello to society. So what if that’s what makes her feel female???

Guys are not left behind. Most of them suffer from depression without no one noticing due to the stereotype that men should be strong. Men go through a lot of expectation pressure regardless of their career level. An example is a guy coming from a humble background, goes through school and gets to intern at a well know company. Everybody from immediate family, to the extended family and also friends and girlfriends will expect this guy earning about 15,000Kshs a month to provide. He surely will not meet the needs and that’s how we see a good guy turn to drugs along the way and we will be there pointing fingers at money like “money changes people.”

Do not go mad for society. There is too much beauty in being different and in appreciating that you cannot be like everyone else. There are bad days but whenever you are having one, think of all the beautiful things there are in life. You should be a free soul exploring all that the universe has to offer, in this way you not only glow from the inside but also outwardly.

It is okay to seek counselling, smash the myth that going for counselling is a weakness. Nobody but you knows the pressure you are under. You owe nobody but yourself happiness in abundance.

Art therapy, going for sports or hikes, talking to someone you feel connected to are the most effective forms of therapy. Draw, write it down, swim it off, take it away while on top of rocks while hiking. Your mental health matters. Take care of yourself.Most importantly,release yourself to God and let Him guide you.


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