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I can’t believe it’s already an year down since I started this blog. I know I have not been active but that can be explained.

On 20th of June 2016 a thought crossed my mind and I put it into reality without hesitating. I had to search fast for an appropriate name for my blog the same day and write down what it would be about.

Most of my articles are instant just like an inspiration. By this I mean that I do not pre-think.All I do is open a page and start writing and ideas flow. This is probably why I have not been active lately because my mind has been occupied with a lot of things to the point that I have not had time to just be free. 

I have severaly experienced art  block every time I have tried to write down something. It happens to many I know.

with 20 articles I am glad. I  am looking forward to sharing more with a larger audience. 

To you my numbered audience, thank you for your company for the one year. It is my duty to inspire, educate and entertain you.

One love….xoxo, your girl Rie


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