When the river ends,Take me to the spring,
Stretch out your arms and hold me with your firm grip,

Do not take your eyes from me as I quench my thirst,

Do not withdraw your attention as I water my soul with the fresh waters from deep beneath the ground,

The waters are my elixir, watch how nourished I will be after my third gulp,

For isn’t a spring way smaller than a river, but it’s waters get people to traverse the universe in search of a single drop.

When the river ends, watch how the wise men do,

They listen to the voices of the wind and follow the omens presented by the universe,

It is only them that knows that the universe has a soul, 

They know that when you really want something, the universe conspires to make sure unto you it is delivered,

The wise ones know the way to the springs, for they let their energies lead them,

So when the river ends and the springs are way too hidden, take me to the wise ones…


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