He called her Purity

For she was full of chastity

Her heart was stacked with clarity

She never allowed herself be charity

For she knew the end is often vanity

Had she not passed through enough men calamity? 

Good thing is she had managed to keep intact her dignity

Silently,she had hoped he would bring a ring to their unity

To make that move her boyfriend did not have the audacity

She lost her patience and she asked him why he was taking too long, which took her a lot of brevity

What she did not know is that she was not his choice, she was a recommendation by his community

These very people had denounced the white lady that had mesmerised his heart back in Britain while studying medicine, her name was Felicity

The story ends when he had to leave Purity, fly back to Britain where he would be with Felicity at his own Liberty

And because of her chastity, Loyalty and purity, Purity got married to a great man that treated her like royalty


Dear ladies do not push him to propose, for if it’s you he wants he will put a ring on it even without your silly hints, quit the nagging or else he will treat you like valueless property. 


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