#What If It Was You

What if it was you,

On the nasty streets…

Begging strangers for money,

Pulling heavy carts against human and motorists traffic,

Hitting drums to frowned passers by who do not care to pay attention,

Digging through city council waste bins for your day’s meal,

Being the easy prey for horny gangs,

Enduring the cold and wet floor during the rainy season.


What if it was you ,

Behind bars for years,

For a crime you did not commit,

For fighting for justice and equality like most of our human rights activists.


What if it was you,

Who watched your family perish due to careless driving or political based violence,

Deaf and can’t talk, having to watch others fall down with laughter and can’t share in the joke.Worse still, no one cares to learn your language of signs,

On that wheelchair, can not dance to your favourite music and have to rely on someone to push you around,

Relying on medicine every single day for the rest of your life,

In that mental health care unit, with everyone calling you insane.The reason being because you lost touch with reality, due to pressure from unrealistic expectations impacted on you by society.


What If It was you,

Think about it…Nobody is more special than the other


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