Lately, if you have interacted with primary school kids you will learn that in their schools there is a lot of bullying based on the physical appearances.

Childhood is the most delicate stage in human life. What happens to us when we are children will affect us at some point in our lives and for some people for the rest of their lives.

We have heard of cases of women who try dating but give up on the relationship even before it’s far gone.They gain disgust and mistrust for their spouses.Continous therapy results reveals cases of stigmatization that had been repressed dating back to their childhood. It could have been molestation or bullying. 

Most of the ladies who have had a change of skin tone or have suffered depression and self hate it’s because someone told them they were not beautiful enough. Now imagine when a kid somewhere in primary school is being bullied because she is of dark colour or because she is short or her dental is otherwise…this kid will grow to hate herself. Worse still the larger society out there is the bigger bully.

I wish the society could just stop defining beauty and setting up standard measures for it.Beauty is skin deep. It should not matter how dark or light skin you are or your general physique…but again the society thinks otherwise.

If you get a chance, let every young girl know that they are beautiful.I wish I could travel to all primary schools and stop the stigmatization. It would be my pleasure to let the kids know that who they are inside is much more important than the physical.

Kindly reach out to every kid you know. Instill self love and confidence in them.Let them appreciate everything about themselves. Let them look at their perceived limitations as their strongest points.



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