After everything was over, she picked up her stuff and found her way to the bus station. She really wanted to beat the early morning traffic.Her 2-year-old daughter had probably woken up and was moving about the house looking for something to eat. 

The previous night had been hectic.She realized that he was just like the rest. She had for a long time hoped to find a man that would see the real her. A man that would appreciate her. A man that would make her feel loved and respected. 

Growing up she saw her mother get abused by the numerous men she brought into their bedsitter. Her mother was jobless and selling her natural resources was the only way she could feed her and her brother. Sadly she lost her mother and brother to a fight. A stranger had visited the mother and refused to pay for her services.An argument followed and the stranger pulled out  a gun. In an attempt to save their mother, the brother was shot too. She saw all this happen but did not know what to do.

She lived with the trauma ever since. Having inherited her mothers job,she along the way got the little girl who was waiting for her to get back to the house. The little girl was made to believe that the mother was a nurse, working night shifts only. 

On this fateful night, she had gone out with a man she met way back at the supermarket. He promised her the world and she had believed him. How could she not anyway, he used to do shopping for her and take her daughter out for fun activities. She believed that maybe she had found a man that really saw her.

The date went on well and they ended up in his mansion. They had a good time. I mean, they had waited for it for months . Although they had had an encounter once, they wanted this one to be special. It was one of those steamy nights. Candle lights everywhere, strawberry bubble baths, melted chocolates, expensive lubes and white sheets. It was going down like crazy.

He had promised to take her home early the next morning before her daughter was up. More to it, he was to do shopping for her and also get breakfast from a food joint for her daughter. He was quite a gentleman right??…

In between the sheets there were no straps, all bare. After the shots were made, cuddles exchanged, they slept after he told her how amazing she was. On her side, he was all she wanted, he knew how to touch just the right places.The moment was worth the while.She could not believe what a score!!!

It was in the morning at around 6:30am that she felt pressed and found her way to the washroom and went back.As she climbed back to bed she felt a can roll on her feet. She slowly and keenly picked it up inorder to place it back nicely.

Blood froze in her system, immediately she got numb and could not speak. She could not believe that the guy had hidden his vital condition for all that long. She felt bitter and wasted. She took the pillow and pressed it hard on his airway till he could no longer breath.

She had no idea how she would face her daughter. Maybe she had acted so fast but no, she remembered seeing the guy swallow a pill from the can the previous night. She was definitely right. Her suspicion was correct.

Her deep hidden anger which she had carried for years just sprung up. She did what she had wanted to do the night her mother and brother were murdered. She had trusted him, she had seen a future with him, she had found redemption. But now all that was no more…In real sense it was not even going to happen.

There she was at the bus stop, a murderer and the latest addition to the ARVs family.

It was a new dawn…this time only way much darker…



Lately, if you have interacted with primary school kids you will learn that in their schools there is a lot of bullying based on the physical appearances.

Childhood is the most delicate stage in human life. What happens to us when we are children will affect us at some point in our lives and for some people for the rest of their lives.

We have heard of cases of women who try dating but give up on the relationship even before it’s far gone.They gain disgust and mistrust for their spouses.Continous therapy results reveals cases of stigmatization that had been repressed dating back to their childhood. It could have been molestation or bullying. 

Most of the ladies who have had a change of skin tone or have suffered depression and self hate it’s because someone told them they were not beautiful enough. Now imagine when a kid somewhere in primary school is being bullied because she is of dark colour or because she is short or her dental is otherwise…this kid will grow to hate herself. Worse still the larger society out there is the bigger bully.

I wish the society could just stop defining beauty and setting up standard measures for it.Beauty is skin deep. It should not matter how dark or light skin you are or your general physique…but again the society thinks otherwise.

If you get a chance, let every young girl know that they are beautiful.I wish I could travel to all primary schools and stop the stigmatization. It would be my pleasure to let the kids know that who they are inside is much more important than the physical.

Kindly reach out to every kid you know. Instill self love and confidence in them.Let them appreciate everything about themselves. Let them look at their perceived limitations as their strongest points.


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