At times my mind trips and I feel energies over the universe. Sometimes I imagine that there are creatures with greater energy than humanity. We do not have that power to see or feel them . These creatures control our existence . Their souls are in sync with nature and their programmed activities make make us as humans get a fair deal at survival . The young ones of the super creatures have us as their puppets. They control us with strings we can not see.When they cry it rains, When they are moving about it gets windy, when they sleep it’s day time for us because they are no longer blocking the source of light…When they are awake, it is night time for us and their eyes are the features that appear in the sky…. I feel that they  watch us at times.

I also think that animals have an energy we as humans can not perceive. Don’t you think that just as we have evolved, they have evolved too. I believe that they have a whole beautiful world that we can never understand . They have their own developments and all kinds of luxuries that we can never see. We pay to go see them they do not need to pay us to come to our world. At times I think that they laugh at us wondering why we try so hard with existence. I imagine that there is nothing like straying, they come to our habitats as tourists and check on how we are doing. They run away from us when we scare them because they want to make us feel that we won… It’s only when we become a nuisance that they attack us.

Ps: I think I sniffed on a strange mushroom…



Last weekend I accompanied a friend for a property expo in Isinya-Kajiado county. For once in the years I have lived I got to be carried in a vip tourist bus…But do I say!!! What excited me more was that those in the bus were the who’s who in the country . For a moment I suffered from delusion of grandeur. But anyway, who knew I would be sampling property at this age.

So my friend and I started discussing our campus experiences and how campus has transformed. I could not help but feel sorry for the poor students as she was telling me of how some in their school go to a point of hiring rides just for a show in school.More to it is that some ladies there can’t go out with a guy without a car, and it’s not just any car . This got me thinking.

Many people find it hard to accept where they are in life.In most cases it’s the young generation between 16-24 years. It’s at this bracket that it hits them big time that someone else is way privileged than they are.

We all know what happens. Depression is intensified at this time because people try so hard to ape another person’s life.They do things way above their means for the sake of proving to the world that they also belong to the elite club.

With the introduction of betting, some students risk their school fees hoping that the money will double. They even start planning for huge  events even before the bet results are out.

I can’t even start talking about the sponsor issue.I mean, who doesn’t know what’s going on . I have even heard of a blessee…Probably what hasn’t been emphasized is that young boys are going out with high end cougars for that extra…you know what.

With that said, I think getting to appreciate one’s present situation is one step towards transformation. Secondly,  there is so much potential in each person  and finding the right mentor will guide one towards achieving more than they thought they could.

I believe it’s okay not to be okay but with a willing heart, one can turn around their present situation and be great using noble means…Just trust the universe and do what is right.Everything else will fall in place at the right time…

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