…Mr hot guy thought that the lady he was targetting would easily tap out and things would get steamy in the washroom…Thank goodness she knew what a gem she is and took it slow with the alcohol…so sorry my guy,better learn to hold your pants up tight…

I know of ladies who got pregnant because their drinks were spiked and things went down without their knowledge, at a house party.

I have heard of students who live on ARVs because they messed up in their freshman years and got infected with HIV/AIDS after an orgy at a house party.

The dark room has been a source of many unbearable regrets to most young people trying to explore life.

One has to be aware of how much they can handle.Never trust anyone, not even your best friend when they are under the influence.Even Jammie Foxx knows it-“Blame it on the alcohol”…

                  VERSION 2

Guest Writer; Peter Wanderi Mwaura


Phone call 1; Buda uko wapi??

Five minutes later… 

Jahmo calling…Form ni gani mzae??

It’s Friday, all my niggaz looking so fresh…Migos got me on that “Broke niggaz to the left…my rich niggaz to the right”

So you know we are turning left because it’s midmonth and wallets are empty…It’s that time of the month when thirst is real and money is on leave…

It all starts with that very thirsty niggah getting cheap liquor @nakumat city hall. Either legend or KSL(gin) (the real drunkards know the joint). After some dry shots every niggah is turnt up and all dying accounts are activated. The stingy niggah is the first to pull out at the nearest mpesa agent to get an mshwari. As usual the town is now full of colours, the young campus girls have pasted make up, funny eye lashes, shiny hair, high heels, name it. All my tippsy niggah can see is that figure eight body, illusions.
As the niggaz changa for the next botty, the squad pimp “kadinya” is busy on call…calling all drunkard girls in his phonebook… with his charms,2 out of 10 appear each with a friend… as usual the bodyguard ratchet chiq. The nearest liquor store is the next stop. With the pretty ladies around, niggaz buy two botties and 2litters coke as a chaser.
… “Pombe si Supu”.

Station:DarkRoom….somewhere In Roysambu

The ladies are all over requesting for their favorite songs. The “Dj” of the night / “single guy in the room” has the task to ensure the volume is high and the ladies are listening to what they want. You know how it goes, play the ladies their favourites and feel the a**quake as the anaconda awakens.Forget that obnoxious niggah shouting all over requesting for Chris Brown’s songs. 

By now all the lucky niggaz have coupled up… “drinks ni tele…” the bodyguards (see above) are having the night of their life.I hear they call themselves “That b*t*h”…The herbalist in the crew is at a corner with his Miss herbalist making sure the room is “cloudy”. As everyone is enjoying the night you start hearing one of the body guards asking “Mary na John wako wapi”…she is given a tumbler and the question goes unanswered.

By now liquor is running low and this bodyguard ain’t taping out. The solution remains “Jimmy si uende ucheki ka mathee amefunga” the already drunk chiqs have the last nail on their coffin. For all those still not getting it _“ng’ang’o imeendewa” a quick punch is made and drinks served. 

Forty minutes later… love is in the air… the prey becomes the hunter. The bodyguard is all over his niggah for the night and the only light in the room is from the laptop playing some cool music. The rest every tax payer knows… lol

Lets meet on Monday morning,

Yours faithfully,


….My two cents on Version 2; Peter if you are not thinking of starting your own blog, sell me your brain asap!!!


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