Social media has brought about some type of vibe that is slowly changing the true perception of life.

Everyone is fighting to be seen on these sites. We have a new generation of famous people who have managed to create a fantasy around their lives and have earned thousands of followers.

We see them posting pictures of everything they are doing from when they wake up #I woke up like this #no make up, when #stepping out,    When eating out with friends #foodie and so on…
We have seen the #Rip tags with millions of emotions attached. The recipient of all this drama has never even been on social media let alone being close to the psycho posting the dramatic emotions. 

They are the type of people who meet a real celebrity somewhere let’s say valley coffee and will run over to them knocking their toes on the tables just for a selfie #ChillingWithNickMutuma… (On that note today I bumped into Nick Mutuma around Barclays Plaza,I must admit that guy is fire.Damnation!!!!!…I was drolling . Obviously he did not notice me and again I’m not that obvious to run for a selfie).


They are the same people who will go to a studio, take a few photos and leave there calling themselves models.They have even added booking details on their profiles. I bet the term booking has a coded meaning.

I was thinking of embarking on research and gather information about their real lives but then I have a life…So I will let them be. Like they say, It’s none of my business.

On that note,I have discovered a very interesting youtube channel that I will be sharing soon….that is for those who love documentaries.

Part 2 #DarkRoom coming up


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