I can’t wait for evening to come so I can occupy my favourite sofa in the house as we all watch news. But today I will not be focused on what will be showing on the screen. I will let my mind swirl away into an incident I came across the day before today. It’s nothing new though, it’s what I do, pretend to be watching news so that everyone will think I love being updated.Which I do anyway but not through tv news.

Today I will be thinking about yesterday. As I was walking along Moi Avenue just after a certain university and right before sanford, I observed a shabbily dressed old man.By his side was a young boy in some sorry clothes. 

I happen to have noticed the duo crossing the road. Then the old man saw something amusing that slowed his movement and the young lad paced down too.I must admit the guitars and tambourines at that store look amazing . They are such a great piece of eye candy to any music lover.

The old man must have thought of the old days when they used to play around with the wandindi… He must have been telling the young lad of how amazing the old days were.He must have been telling him of how things have changed.

Maybe he thought he could go inside the music store and grab himself an instrument close to the wandindi. He figured that if he bought one he could teach the young lad a few keys so that by the time he is so old and weak to play, the young lad Could play the keys to him. That would also make for a great inheritance.

At some point tonight I might not hold back a tear when I see images of how happy the old man was while he was looking at the instruments.When I try to imagine the disappointment he must have got when he went inside the store and he found that the prices were rather too huge.The look on the young lad was clear that he knew that the old man was dreaming a bit too high. I will be feeling sorry for his disappoinment.I will maybe shed a tear but no one will notice because we will all be watching a sad soap opera and everyone in the house knows how emotional I get.

So tonight my cup of tea will be stronger than usual(Strong tea)…I do not want my mum thinking I’m having man problems like she did last time.That day I had come across a distressed lady in the train on my way to town…#AnonymousAct… 

So today, I will be having one of those nights…One of those nights I will be acting happy with the family but deep inside I will  be crying over a stranger I will probably never see again.


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