Are you living or are you just a host. What you are today, is it what you desired or is it what they told you to be?

Are you happy with yourself?  Do you go up to the mirror and see your reflection or do you just see other people?

Do you wake up every morning with a spirit of enthusiasm and a bright mind or do you wake up every morning wih the pressure of external expectations? 

How are your dreams at night, do you see yourself treating other people to a party because you achieved your goals or do you see others treating you to a party because you achieved their goal?

What are your future plans? Do they make you excited or do they make ‘them’ excited? More so, do they make you and them excited?

Who do you take blame in when things go wrong, you or them?  If you are blaming them, do you see what I see,you lived their wish so it’s just you to blame.Do you agree with me?

My question is Are you in there or is it them controlling you?

Most people have lost track of their own desires and have ended up allowing other people live their dreams through them. They have reduced themselves to being hosts to other peoples desires.

Happiness begins from within. Set your own path.Look for that one thing that you believe in.That one thing that you are passionate about.Leave other people out of the question, do not mind what they say or think. It is your life.You only live once. Haven’t you heard that people begin to live the day they discover who they truly are. 

Pursue what you personally believe in and the universe will conspire to enable you achieve it.

Have a great week ahead.



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