I’m sorry mama,

I forgot how hard you worked,

Early in the morning while we were still asleep, 

You would be up, milk our only cow and make breakfast right after,

As I left for school, you left for the farm,

In the evening, with my tiny hands,

I would massage your aching back and legs mama,

It was your sweat mama, that kept the family alive.

Mama your heart is like gold,

I know you will forgive me mama,

Like you forgave papa,

I know he gave you that scar on your forehead,

I felt bitter whenever you had to go drag him home,

With his body smelling of alcohol from that local pub,

With tears in your eyes, you forgave him mama,

Even when he brought that other hunger striken woman home,

With that same heart mama, I beg for your forgiveness.

I’m sorry mama,

I failed you in Campus,

I disappointed you,

It was a lush,

I wanted to belong,

Your wisdom I forgot,

I joined the wrong company,

I was busy partying,

Back at home you thought I was studying hard and smart,

In my desire to live mama, I lost.

Out of your hard earned money I conned you,

I lied about the school trip,

You sold your three piglets mama,

You did not want me to miss out on the “Academic Trip”…

For you believed so much in me mama,

You saw a future for us through me.

Mama I let you down,

I wish I did not put you through this pain,

I wish I could wipe off your tears,

I wish I could come back and give you that massage as I explain,

As I explain how foolish I was,

I know by now you know there was no school trip,

That fatal accident had no favouritism mama,

Mama I was young, wild and dumb.

As I lay lifeless,

I hope that you forgive me,

When we meet in the next life, I do not know how to face you,

May the angels watch over you and my brother and sister,

May they not turn to be like me,

May they restore that beautiful smile on your gorgeous face through their success,

Mama I wish you well,

I wish I could tell you that in person.

I’m sorry I had to leave this way,

Please forgive me mama,

          Yours Loving…..

Inspired by the Kenyatta University students tragedy….May their Souls Rest In Eternal Peace”


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