…Mr hot guy thought that the lady he was targetting would easily tap out and things would get steamy in the washroom…Thank goodness she knew what a gem she is and took it slow with the alcohol…so sorry my guy,better learn to hold your pants up tight…

I know of ladies who got pregnant because their drinks were spiked and things went down without their knowledge, at a house party.

I have heard of students who live on ARVs because they messed up in their freshman years and got infected with HIV/AIDS after an orgy at a house party.

The dark room has been a source of many unbearable regrets to most young people trying to explore life.

One has to be aware of how much they can handle.Never trust anyone, not even your best friend when they are under the influence.Even Jammie Foxx knows it-“Blame it on the alcohol”…

                  VERSION 2

Guest Writer; Peter Wanderi Mwaura


Phone call 1; Buda uko wapi??

Five minutes later… 

Jahmo calling…Form ni gani mzae??

It’s Friday, all my niggaz looking so fresh…Migos got me on that “Broke niggaz to the left…my rich niggaz to the right”

So you know we are turning left because it’s midmonth and wallets are empty…It’s that time of the month when thirst is real and money is on leave…

It all starts with that very thirsty niggah getting cheap liquor @nakumat city hall. Either legend or KSL(gin) (the real drunkards know the joint). After some dry shots every niggah is turnt up and all dying accounts are activated. The stingy niggah is the first to pull out at the nearest mpesa agent to get an mshwari. As usual the town is now full of colours, the young campus girls have pasted make up, funny eye lashes, shiny hair, high heels, name it. All my tippsy niggah can see is that figure eight body, illusions.
As the niggaz changa for the next botty, the squad pimp “kadinya” is busy on call…calling all drunkard girls in his phonebook… with his charms,2 out of 10 appear each with a friend… as usual the bodyguard ratchet chiq. The nearest liquor store is the next stop. With the pretty ladies around, niggaz buy two botties and 2litters coke as a chaser.
… “Pombe si Supu”.

Station:DarkRoom….somewhere In Roysambu

The ladies are all over requesting for their favorite songs. The “Dj” of the night / “single guy in the room” has the task to ensure the volume is high and the ladies are listening to what they want. You know how it goes, play the ladies their favourites and feel the a**quake as the anaconda awakens.Forget that obnoxious niggah shouting all over requesting for Chris Brown’s songs. 

By now all the lucky niggaz have coupled up… “drinks ni tele…” the bodyguards (see above) are having the night of their life.I hear they call themselves “That b*t*h”…The herbalist in the crew is at a corner with his Miss herbalist making sure the room is “cloudy”. As everyone is enjoying the night you start hearing one of the body guards asking “Mary na John wako wapi”…she is given a tumbler and the question goes unanswered.

By now liquor is running low and this bodyguard ain’t taping out. The solution remains “Jimmy si uende ucheki ka mathee amefunga” the already drunk chiqs have the last nail on their coffin. For all those still not getting it _“ng’ang’o imeendewa” a quick punch is made and drinks served. 

Forty minutes later… love is in the air… the prey becomes the hunter. The bodyguard is all over his niggah for the night and the only light in the room is from the laptop playing some cool music. The rest every tax payer knows… lol

Lets meet on Monday morning,

Yours faithfully,


….My two cents on Version 2; Peter if you are not thinking of starting your own blog, sell me your brain asap!!!



Social media has brought about some type of vibe that is slowly changing the true perception of life.

Everyone is fighting to be seen on these sites. We have a new generation of famous people who have managed to create a fantasy around their lives and have earned thousands of followers.

We see them posting pictures of everything they are doing from when they wake up #I woke up like this #no make up, when #stepping out,    When eating out with friends #foodie and so on…
We have seen the #Rip tags with millions of emotions attached. The recipient of all this drama has never even been on social media let alone being close to the psycho posting the dramatic emotions. 

They are the type of people who meet a real celebrity somewhere let’s say valley coffee and will run over to them knocking their toes on the tables just for a selfie #ChillingWithNickMutuma… (On that note today I bumped into Nick Mutuma around Barclays Plaza,I must admit that guy is fire.Damnation!!!!!…I was drolling . Obviously he did not notice me and again I’m not that obvious to run for a selfie).


They are the same people who will go to a studio, take a few photos and leave there calling themselves models.They have even added booking details on their profiles. I bet the term booking has a coded meaning.

I was thinking of embarking on research and gather information about their real lives but then I have a life…So I will let them be. Like they say, It’s none of my business.

On that note,I have discovered a very interesting youtube channel that I will be sharing soon….that is for those who love documentaries.

Part 2 #DarkRoom coming up


I can’t wait for evening to come so I can occupy my favourite sofa in the house as we all watch news. But today I will not be focused on what will be showing on the screen. I will let my mind swirl away into an incident I came across the day before today. It’s nothing new though, it’s what I do, pretend to be watching news so that everyone will think I love being updated.Which I do anyway but not through tv news.

Today I will be thinking about yesterday. As I was walking along Moi Avenue just after a certain university and right before sanford, I observed a shabbily dressed old man.By his side was a young boy in some sorry clothes. 

I happen to have noticed the duo crossing the road. Then the old man saw something amusing that slowed his movement and the young lad paced down too.I must admit the guitars and tambourines at that store look amazing . They are such a great piece of eye candy to any music lover.

The old man must have thought of the old days when they used to play around with the wandindi… He must have been telling the young lad of how amazing the old days were.He must have been telling him of how things have changed.

Maybe he thought he could go inside the music store and grab himself an instrument close to the wandindi. He figured that if he bought one he could teach the young lad a few keys so that by the time he is so old and weak to play, the young lad Could play the keys to him. That would also make for a great inheritance.

At some point tonight I might not hold back a tear when I see images of how happy the old man was while he was looking at the instruments.When I try to imagine the disappointment he must have got when he went inside the store and he found that the prices were rather too huge.The look on the young lad was clear that he knew that the old man was dreaming a bit too high. I will be feeling sorry for his disappoinment.I will maybe shed a tear but no one will notice because we will all be watching a sad soap opera and everyone in the house knows how emotional I get.

So tonight my cup of tea will be stronger than usual(Strong tea)…I do not want my mum thinking I’m having man problems like she did last time.That day I had come across a distressed lady in the train on my way to town…#AnonymousAct… 

So today, I will be having one of those nights…One of those nights I will be acting happy with the family but deep inside I will  be crying over a stranger I will probably never see again.


Are you living or are you just a host. What you are today, is it what you desired or is it what they told you to be?

Are you happy with yourself?  Do you go up to the mirror and see your reflection or do you just see other people?

Do you wake up every morning with a spirit of enthusiasm and a bright mind or do you wake up every morning wih the pressure of external expectations? 

How are your dreams at night, do you see yourself treating other people to a party because you achieved your goals or do you see others treating you to a party because you achieved their goal?

What are your future plans? Do they make you excited or do they make ‘them’ excited? More so, do they make you and them excited?

Who do you take blame in when things go wrong, you or them?  If you are blaming them, do you see what I see,you lived their wish so it’s just you to blame.Do you agree with me?

My question is Are you in there or is it them controlling you?

Most people have lost track of their own desires and have ended up allowing other people live their dreams through them. They have reduced themselves to being hosts to other peoples desires.

Happiness begins from within. Set your own path.Look for that one thing that you believe in.That one thing that you are passionate about.Leave other people out of the question, do not mind what they say or think. It is your life.You only live once. Haven’t you heard that people begin to live the day they discover who they truly are. 

Pursue what you personally believe in and the universe will conspire to enable you achieve it.

Have a great week ahead.



I’m sorry mama,

I forgot how hard you worked,

Early in the morning while we were still asleep, 

You would be up, milk our only cow and make breakfast right after,

As I left for school, you left for the farm,

In the evening, with my tiny hands,

I would massage your aching back and legs mama,

It was your sweat mama, that kept the family alive.

Mama your heart is like gold,

I know you will forgive me mama,

Like you forgave papa,

I know he gave you that scar on your forehead,

I felt bitter whenever you had to go drag him home,

With his body smelling of alcohol from that local pub,

With tears in your eyes, you forgave him mama,

Even when he brought that other hunger striken woman home,

With that same heart mama, I beg for your forgiveness.

I’m sorry mama,

I failed you in Campus,

I disappointed you,

It was a lush,

I wanted to belong,

Your wisdom I forgot,

I joined the wrong company,

I was busy partying,

Back at home you thought I was studying hard and smart,

In my desire to live mama, I lost.

Out of your hard earned money I conned you,

I lied about the school trip,

You sold your three piglets mama,

You did not want me to miss out on the “Academic Trip”…

For you believed so much in me mama,

You saw a future for us through me.

Mama I let you down,

I wish I did not put you through this pain,

I wish I could wipe off your tears,

I wish I could come back and give you that massage as I explain,

As I explain how foolish I was,

I know by now you know there was no school trip,

That fatal accident had no favouritism mama,

Mama I was young, wild and dumb.

As I lay lifeless,

I hope that you forgive me,

When we meet in the next life, I do not know how to face you,

May the angels watch over you and my brother and sister,

May they not turn to be like me,

May they restore that beautiful smile on your gorgeous face through their success,

Mama I wish you well,

I wish I could tell you that in person.

I’m sorry I had to leave this way,

Please forgive me mama,

          Yours Loving…..

Inspired by the Kenyatta University students tragedy….May their Souls Rest In Eternal Peace”


You said I was not good enough,

You said my skin needed cleansing,

You said I needed brighter coloured clothes,

You even replaced me with the fair skinned in the office,

You do not know this,

I am beautiful.

I am not going to hate myself,

I am not going to try bleach,

I am not going to try look like the girl in the magazine,

I am not going to replace my wardrobe,

I am not going to think of her, she whom you replaced me with as any better,

I am not going to let you forget that,

I am beautiful.

You are the problem,

You are delusioned,

You are blind,

You are not even sure of humanity,

You are not able to realize that beauty is skin deep,

You are not aware of the oh so beautiful melanin,

You are not going to hear this again from me,

I am beautiful.

With this dark skin,

With all the melanin I have,

With all my fluffy seemingly tough hair,

With all the flaws you see in me,


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