I always thought that by the time I got to 23 I would be in a thriving career, have my own apartment somewhere along Mombasa road and already driving.

At 17, 23 looked so old . Maybe it was because the ladies in my home area in the countryside got married by 21 so I thought 23 was such a big deal.

Days have passed by so fast.Now I’m here.At the dreaded 23.Stranded, confused and stressed out.I know I’m not alone(well I just hope so).In an attempt to find solace, I put pen to paper and scribbled a few things to guide us through 23.


  • A thriving job in your field of study.
  • Owning a one bedroom apartment in the middle class regions of Nairobi.
  • Driving atleast a Nissan Cube.
  • Being in a wild but stable relationship with a promising future.
  • Affording endless nights out with colleagues at your work place.
  • Being the spokesperson in an investment chama.Probably giving advice on where best to purchase land.
  • Being the most favourite auntie.That auntie who takes them out to malls for junk, toys and fancy outfits.
  • Being a fashion icon amongst your peers.

“Nobody likes you when you are 23 without a plan”_  xx artist


  • No job yet.Not even graduated.Relax, some graduate at 29. Try volunteering so that just incase a potential employer calls and asks where you are at the time of the call you can be proud to answer. Instead of telling them you are just at home…you know, that ‘just chilling‘ vibe.
  • Still living with your folks. Do not tense.Are they complaining?…If they are, you have a friend living alone somewhere.
  • Your wardrobe is so wanting and your hair is a mess.There are so many thrift shops with cool and unique outfits.I believe well maintained natural hair is the most beautiful thing on a woman.Be simple.
  • You are a broke auntie. Your nieces and nephews are probably too young to realize it.Buying them a bar of chocolate and some fancy thrifted outfits will always work. You can also take them to the mall to play around with other kids at the kids corner at no cost.Trust me they will think you are the coolest person on earth.
  • No car yet. Get 2-3 friends, join resources and hire a car for about 3000/- all weekend.Grab some snacks and drive around.
  • No man yet. Well, this can be tricky.I will have to leave this one pending….but socialize more.

From my two cents, you only need to take it easy but be on your toes.You are definitely getting old but no need to put so much pressure on yourself.Just make sure you are doing the right thing then everything will fall in place at the right time.


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