#Anonymous Act

No it was not raindrops . Probably just a few drops landed on her thick black hair on this fateful Tuesday morning.She was hurriedly making her way through the muddy terrain from her shelter. It was the early morning train she was hoping to catch.

As she sat at the waiting bay I could tell that her eyes were sore and crimson red.So definitely it was not the rain drops. She looked agitated and kept fidgeting. She could not wait for the approaching noisy and crunky train to come to a hault.

From the look of things, she had already calculated her steps and within a few she was sitted while most of us looked for a place to stand inside the stuffy locomotive. 

My curiosity drew me to standing next to her. I kept observing.I noticed that two strands of veins had formed on her forehead.

It was through a phonecall that I realized that her dear beloved son had been put behind bars . The police cuffed him the previous night because he was walking around the reserved streets for the affluent at barely 8 O’clock in the evening.

It’s a mother they say, that feels the pain of their children. Her son had committed no big crime.The only crime he had done was being poor in the land of those  who control the means of production. 

I am no pessimist, but I know her son will be in there longer.The police will not even look at her let alone listening to her plea.

We live in a country where being poor is a crime.No one even knows you exist. The constitution is by the people but not for the people . It’s for the chosen few.

I can imagine how disappointed she will be . How will she face her other children knowing that she alone with her poor health condition can not provide for them.Her son is her only hope.

I will then wait for her in the evening as we wait for the return train or wait for her tomorrow in the morning because I know she is not going to give up.Then I will give her a hug and then I will look into her eyes and smile. I will say no word, I will walk away but I will look forward to repeat the same thing every day. I will be her anonymous shoulder to lean on until her son is out.


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