Definitely it’s a million girls out there right now on their phones. They are online busy looking at pictures of other girls and the are thinking “like what the freak is my life about???…I can’t even afford a mac lipstick!!!

The world we are in has tuned us into believing that ‘The girl in the magazine’ is the real deal.The Blacc Chyna back view, Kylie Jenner lips and eyebrows is a must have. And we sort of believe that. 

Personally I feel naked when I walk out of the house with no foundation, lipstick and eyebrows pasted,yes, PASTED. Not because I am not pretty but because practically everyone I will be meeting with that day will be all dolled up….I mean every lady. I ain’t the type to spoil the fun so I have to match up. What I mean is, it has become a thing to wear make up and being basic is no longer cool.


People no longer want to work out for the ideal body.Suppliments are now sold everywhere.  I actually quit my gym sessions after I realized that my trainer was supplying fitness pills. I feel sorry for the physiology being tortured. I can’t emphasize how lethal the suppliments are.

I know most of us girls do wear padded bras but why on earth would a sane human being go for underpants with holes around the rear midsection area just to make your package look bigger??? Whyyy???….like what do you lose for having it natural size…someone help me understand. Maybe I do but my reasoning might be from a very different pool of thoughts. 

The main question is, when you are in that room with your partner, do you first run out to take it off or do you ask him to close his lustful eyes then voila!!!…there was nothing back there…The girl in the streets was just another tinkerbell…never existed.I can imagine how disappointed he feels and immediately the cloud nine room turns in a room of curses and regrets…it becomes more of a dark room.


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