It’s Friday alright,so yeeeey!!! TGIF.Some of us can’t wait for turn up o’clock!!!
It’s on such a day that the area around Nakumatt lifestyle is flooded with young confused looking yet to be adults. 

If I was a fashion police I would make a hella good cash on this day.Everyone desperately trying be “on fleek” fashionwise but it’s all a total mess.

Anyway, it’s never the “runway” contest that takes them there. There happens to be a liquor store inside the supermarket and now a recently opened one right across. 

Never go shopping at Nakumatt lifestyle on a Friday evening when you are in a hurry…relax and enjoy watching the crazed up generation .

Later in the night

At the corner there is a guy sitted on an armrest busy showing his skills in emptying the Gbag and stacking the rizzlers.Another guy centrally positioned most likely with dreadlocks and a left cheek full of ‘taxin’ is busy flipping and placing cards next to keenly watching participants.You would think it’s dollars being shared.

Then there is the man of the hour.He is acting like he owns the house and acting to care “Nani hana tumbler?” His goal is to pour equal amount to everyone and leave a big gulp of the Nakumatt lifestyle liquor to himself.

How did I almost forget to mention the “Dj”.He is literally the life of the party. It’s not like he knows what he is doing, he only has to play  the songs requested by the even more confused sub Djs standing besides him.

There is a girl in cheap gikomba make up, yes I know I’m exaggerating, and badly fitting outfit.Her heels are in no good shape making her walk around like a newly born antelope. The reason as to why I’m giving her  ‘Edit time’ it’s because her attitude is sick.She feels like she owns the party, can’t dance to some songs, can’t drink “kibao”…She’s got game better than a chameleon when it comes to her eyes whenever a fine lady joins the party.She is a total freaking eye sore!!! She wants to hang around the hottest guy in the room.

Sadly mr.hot guy has his attention focused at the corner of the room and thinking of making a move on the pretty innocent looking mamacita.She has no clue what’s going on whereas mr.hot guy has already made plans on her.​He is already on level 10 on the plans….​

(To be continued…)

Before I go on, it’s Friday, it’s about time but caption this; you never realize how boring your life Is until somebody asks you what you do for fun…


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