I always thought that by the time I got to 23 I would be in a thriving career, have my own apartment somewhere along Mombasa road and already driving.

At 17, 23 looked so old . Maybe it was because the ladies in my home area in the countryside got married by 21 so I thought 23 was such a big deal.

Days have passed by so fast.Now I’m here.At the dreaded 23.Stranded, confused and stressed out.I know I’m not alone(well I just hope so).In an attempt to find solace, I put pen to paper and scribbled a few things to guide us through 23.


  • A thriving job in your field of study.
  • Owning a one bedroom apartment in the middle class regions of Nairobi.
  • Driving atleast a Nissan Cube.
  • Being in a wild but stable relationship with a promising future.
  • Affording endless nights out with colleagues at your work place.
  • Being the spokesperson in an investment chama.Probably giving advice on where best to purchase land.
  • Being the most favourite auntie.That auntie who takes them out to malls for junk, toys and fancy outfits.
  • Being a fashion icon amongst your peers.

“Nobody likes you when you are 23 without a plan”_  xx artist


  • No job yet.Not even graduated.Relax, some graduate at 29. Try volunteering so that just incase a potential employer calls and asks where you are at the time of the call you can be proud to answer. Instead of telling them you are just at home…you know, that ‘just chilling‘ vibe.
  • Still living with your folks. Do not tense.Are they complaining?…If they are, you have a friend living alone somewhere.
  • Your wardrobe is so wanting and your hair is a mess.There are so many thrift shops with cool and unique outfits.I believe well maintained natural hair is the most beautiful thing on a woman.Be simple.
  • You are a broke auntie. Your nieces and nephews are probably too young to realize it.Buying them a bar of chocolate and some fancy thrifted outfits will always work. You can also take them to the mall to play around with other kids at the kids corner at no cost.Trust me they will think you are the coolest person on earth.
  • No car yet. Get 2-3 friends, join resources and hire a car for about 3000/- all weekend.Grab some snacks and drive around.
  • No man yet. Well, this can be tricky.I will have to leave this one pending….but socialize more.

From my two cents, you only need to take it easy but be on your toes.You are definitely getting old but no need to put so much pressure on yourself.Just make sure you are doing the right thing then everything will fall in place at the right time.


#Anonymous Act

No it was not raindrops . Probably just a few drops landed on her thick black hair on this fateful Tuesday morning.She was hurriedly making her way through the muddy terrain from her shelter. It was the early morning train she was hoping to catch.

As she sat at the waiting bay I could tell that her eyes were sore and crimson red.So definitely it was not the rain drops. She looked agitated and kept fidgeting. She could not wait for the approaching noisy and crunky train to come to a hault.

From the look of things, she had already calculated her steps and within a few she was sitted while most of us looked for a place to stand inside the stuffy locomotive. 

My curiosity drew me to standing next to her. I kept observing.I noticed that two strands of veins had formed on her forehead.

It was through a phonecall that I realized that her dear beloved son had been put behind bars . The police cuffed him the previous night because he was walking around the reserved streets for the affluent at barely 8 O’clock in the evening.

It’s a mother they say, that feels the pain of their children. Her son had committed no big crime.The only crime he had done was being poor in the land of those  who control the means of production. 

I am no pessimist, but I know her son will be in there longer.The police will not even look at her let alone listening to her plea.

We live in a country where being poor is a crime.No one even knows you exist. The constitution is by the people but not for the people . It’s for the chosen few.

I can imagine how disappointed she will be . How will she face her other children knowing that she alone with her poor health condition can not provide for them.Her son is her only hope.

I will then wait for her in the evening as we wait for the return train or wait for her tomorrow in the morning because I know she is not going to give up.Then I will give her a hug and then I will look into her eyes and smile. I will say no word, I will walk away but I will look forward to repeat the same thing every day. I will be her anonymous shoulder to lean on until her son is out.


It’s Friday alright,so yeeeey!!! TGIF.Some of us can’t wait for turn up o’clock!!!
It’s on such a day that the area around Nakumatt lifestyle is flooded with young confused looking yet to be adults. 

If I was a fashion police I would make a hella good cash on this day.Everyone desperately trying be “on fleek” fashionwise but it’s all a total mess.

Anyway, it’s never the “runway” contest that takes them there. There happens to be a liquor store inside the supermarket and now a recently opened one right across. 

Never go shopping at Nakumatt lifestyle on a Friday evening when you are in a hurry…relax and enjoy watching the crazed up generation .

Later in the night

At the corner there is a guy sitted on an armrest busy showing his skills in emptying the Gbag and stacking the rizzlers.Another guy centrally positioned most likely with dreadlocks and a left cheek full of ‘taxin’ is busy flipping and placing cards next to keenly watching participants.You would think it’s dollars being shared.

Then there is the man of the hour.He is acting like he owns the house and acting to care “Nani hana tumbler?” His goal is to pour equal amount to everyone and leave a big gulp of the Nakumatt lifestyle liquor to himself.

How did I almost forget to mention the “Dj”.He is literally the life of the party. It’s not like he knows what he is doing, he only has to play  the songs requested by the even more confused sub Djs standing besides him.

There is a girl in cheap gikomba make up, yes I know I’m exaggerating, and badly fitting outfit.Her heels are in no good shape making her walk around like a newly born antelope. The reason as to why I’m giving her  ‘Edit time’ it’s because her attitude is sick.She feels like she owns the party, can’t dance to some songs, can’t drink “kibao”…She’s got game better than a chameleon when it comes to her eyes whenever a fine lady joins the party.She is a total freaking eye sore!!! She wants to hang around the hottest guy in the room.

Sadly mr.hot guy has his attention focused at the corner of the room and thinking of making a move on the pretty innocent looking mamacita.She has no clue what’s going on whereas mr.hot guy has already made plans on her.​He is already on level 10 on the plans….​

(To be continued…)

Before I go on, it’s Friday, it’s about time but caption this; you never realize how boring your life Is until somebody asks you what you do for fun…


Definitely it’s a million girls out there right now on their phones. They are online busy looking at pictures of other girls and the are thinking “like what the freak is my life about???…I can’t even afford a mac lipstick!!!

The world we are in has tuned us into believing that ‘The girl in the magazine’ is the real deal.The Blacc Chyna back view, Kylie Jenner lips and eyebrows is a must have. And we sort of believe that. 

Personally I feel naked when I walk out of the house with no foundation, lipstick and eyebrows pasted,yes, PASTED. Not because I am not pretty but because practically everyone I will be meeting with that day will be all dolled up….I mean every lady. I ain’t the type to spoil the fun so I have to match up. What I mean is, it has become a thing to wear make up and being basic is no longer cool.


People no longer want to work out for the ideal body.Suppliments are now sold everywhere.  I actually quit my gym sessions after I realized that my trainer was supplying fitness pills. I feel sorry for the physiology being tortured. I can’t emphasize how lethal the suppliments are.

I know most of us girls do wear padded bras but why on earth would a sane human being go for underpants with holes around the rear midsection area just to make your package look bigger??? Whyyy???….like what do you lose for having it natural size…someone help me understand. Maybe I do but my reasoning might be from a very different pool of thoughts. 

The main question is, when you are in that room with your partner, do you first run out to take it off or do you ask him to close his lustful eyes then voila!!!…there was nothing back there…The girl in the streets was just another tinkerbell…never existed.I can imagine how disappointed he feels and immediately the cloud nine room turns in a room of curses and regrets…it becomes more of a dark room.


Many times I’ve been venting about how unfair life is. Actually I’ve been looking at life from one dimension. It has come to my realization that I was only but a passanger of a swerving boat with confused souls like me.Not to talk about the captains, the worst hit.

The HashTalk will be all about sharing experiences and emotions with loved ones and the lost so we can help each other figure this life monsters out.

From emotional to mental, social issues to the very sensitive of issues,to fun times to all times, let’s get sharing aye!!!
xoxo….your girl Rie.

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