Chapter 3

Mengo woke up unusually early the following morning and left the house an hour before the usual time the bus came to pick her up. Hastily but carefully she opened the door and ran towards Moond who was waiting for her in his black ducati monster 1200 that he had recently acquired with his savings. The meet up arrangements had been made the previous night and Moond had spent the entire night planning on every detail on how he would impress Mengo. It was probably the high time to prove to her that he deserved more than a friend-zone, he had gone all the way to throw in his favorite Fiji Fresh cologne and brought with him two mugs of home-made vanilla tea. Apparently, he worked at a coffee shop off school hours and the joint was known to have the best Teas and coffees in the area.

They finally got to Moond’s basement which doubled up as a garage and his work studio. He hoped they could spend the time holding up a warm conversation and get to watch her lips form the favorite curve he loved on her exposing the dent that lay beautifully between her upper milk teeth. He hoped he could watch her big beautiful eyes glitter with delight as he pulled his romantic side smile that would make her blush. Now was not the time. Mengo was too focused on helping him dust off his computer and get started with the face recognition. Disappointingly, the systems were down and time was running out. Before long, the bus was was hooting to pick up Moond and it immediately hit Mengo that she had not carried her lunch but the thought faded too fast to bother her. She was too busy trying to pack up her things to notice that Moond had faded into the entire house and was back with two lunch boxes and his back pack strapped on his left shoulder.

Mengo hated chemistry classes which apparently on that day was a double session. She pulled out her draft and continued with her script.


The MAN in BLACK walks slowly behind WAMBO at a distance.


( she climbs up the bridge barriers as tears roll down her cheeks)

I cannot take it any more. This is the third time it has happened to me. Why me??

How do I even explain this to my mother, she already has enough troubles of her own (she lets out an angry roar).


(Runs towards WAMBO panicking after secretly following her all the way from the clinic)

Do not do it WAMBO. Whatever it is you can always share with me. I have been your best-friend since childhood. You can trust me.

Before MINDY gets to WAMBO the MAN in BLACK grabs WAMBO blocking her mouth with a white piece of cloth with his left arm and points a Glock 19 Pistol at MINDY with the right arm.

Before she could write her next line the bell rang and the class was over. It was always her way of escaping from this world. Her mother knew nothing about her writing skill and she had safely hidden it from her to avoid the lengthy conversation on putting her education first. Her mother Nyeza was still old school when it came to career choices and education matters.

It was already evening and Mengo was pissed that she could not get sight of Moond even after waiting for him by the gate for almost an hour. She could not understand why he would lose interest so fast in the first task she had requested him to help her out with. He did not even go looking for her after school as he had always done and neither had he thrown silly paper notes to her as he teasingly did in every last class telling her how beautiful she had looked that day. It was very much unlike Moond to go silent like that. She now had to walk home, she had obviously missed the bus and besides that, she had her mother to face later and explain why she had left so early without a word and with no breakfast and lunch. As she was walking, one of the guys she often saw hang out with Moond approached her. She couldn’t help but notice that he had two bags with him and one of them looked so much like Moond’s bag. She was hopeful and thought that he was still around only to be hit with the words, “hey Mengo, are you also going to visit Moond. Its really unfortunate what happened to him”… “Its unfortunate what happened to him??? What happened to him?? Where?? When?? How?? Why Today???” Mengo almost asked these questions loudly but she was too shocked to utter a word. Her voice at that very moment had been swallowed by mixed feelings of fear, sorrow, guilt, anxiety, curiosity that had engulfed her suddenly. For a moment she felt her breath trapped in her lungs and could not be expelled.



Chapter 2

She, her mother Nyeza, had always hated the idea of bringing home another man in the presence of Mengo… Her daughter would always throw in a nasty attitude at all her male guests and most of them would never talk to her again afterwards….

This time, the figure of the man besides her mother had scared the hell out of Mengo… Never in her life had she imagined her mother taking the “single” matter to the direction she had. According to Nyeza, she had tried her best to keep their affair secret but he had insisted on meeting her daughter. Nyeza had no much of a choice, probably he was the one, she thought. Besides, according to stories she had heard, men of his origin were never scared of a woman with off springs sired by another male.

Mengo tried to pull a smile but her already reddened face betrayed the anger she was trying to bottle up. It was of no use responding to his seemingly fake greetings. One slight slip of a word from her mouth would be followed by a stack of F words.

She could have ran away as she had always done after a heated argument with her mother as she had always done in the previous encounters, but she decided to stay. She kept slapping herself to ensure she wasn’t dreaming only to realize that she was more than woke.

He was probably in his late 70’s.He looked rich but had driven in in her mother’s car. Not to mentioned of how ugly he looked with his big fat stomach tucked in an expensive looking shirt and baggy blue jeans… His shirt was three buttons down and Mengo could see the molds of grey hair on his chest. His bald head and chubby cheeks did not make the situation any better. Probably the ugliest creature on earth, Mengo thought as she walked up the spiral staircases fitted with a magenta velvet carpet…

Some inner voice kept whispering to her that she had seen that man before, but she kept ignoring it until she could not take it any more…. she spent the whole night trying to recall where she had seen that face but failed miserably. Luckily, her friend Moond, the skinny guy in her class who had pursued her but had to fit into her friend-zone, had cracked into a system that could look up and match faces…


Chapter 1

The steaming kettle had been hissing for hours before Mengo realized how absorbed she had been. She had just come from school and as usual her mother had left her enough pieces of arrow roots that would go with tea before she sat for her homework.

When she snapped back, it was already minutes past 7pm… She walked slowly to turn off the gas cooker but was destructed by the leaking tap. She thought for a while, and after pouring herself a mug of ginger tea and entertaining herself to a plate of the mother natures’ providence, she sat down and observed the tap keenly.

The sound made by each drop as it gracefully landed on the sink lingered in her head and brought along memories she had for a long time tried to fight.

She was only 8 years old when she walked home from school excited to inform her parents of the school trip. The rain had been patient enough to allow her get to the house before it started pouring heavily. She recalled hearing the tap running and weird movements in the kitchen so instead of setting herself at the dinning table she headed to the kitchen where she found her mother lying in a pool of blood and her father holding a big piece of wood.

Years had passed and she had never dared to ask her mother what had happened that day nor where her father had disappeared to. She always feared that if she asked, she would ruin the joy she saw every day on her face. She knew that her father had done something terrible to her but always wondered why she had chosen to stay quiet about it. Every time anyone asked her mother of the scars on her chin, she told them that she had fallen while cleaning up the house. Mengo had learnt to flow with it without question….

The door bell brought her back to reality and as she headed for the door, a sudden and strange fear filled her for a second. She leaned forward and turned the knob slowly as though opening for a stranger yet she had heard her mother’s car door alarms go off.On opening, two figures stood infront of her, one of her mother, the other of…..

Sunshine Blogger Award…#Issa! Nomination

yeey! team, I have always believed in the beauty of following a stranger and enjoying the new package of lessons and wisdom that follow. This time it has resulted to somebody recognizing my work and feeling that my blog is worth the sunshine blogger award.

I have been nominated by an amazing blogger who is quite versatile in her work. she is one open minded lady who will make you see the world in a different perspective and triggers you to do more than just survive. I was blown my of her articles on weddings when she asks why not be extraordinary and involve the kids from Children homes in your wedding if you really care. She has a charming vibe evident from her feedback on your work. Go check out her awesome work:), Cafe Avec Twali

What the award is about;

The Sunshine Blogger Award

The sunshine award is given by bloggers to other bloggers who are inspiring, positive, and creative.

Rules of the award

1 .Shout out to the blogger who nominated you with a link to her blog.

2. Answer questions given by the blogger.

3. Nominate 11 bloggers for the sunshine award , with links to their blogs.

4. Don’t forget to notify your nominees.

5. Come up with your own questions and tag 11 other bloggers nominating them to do the same.

6. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Awards logo in your post.

My Answers;

Whats your experience with blogging so far?

Blogging has given me a space where I can escape to when I need to express my thoughts. I was never interested in traffic initially but when I did, getting no-bloggers to read is a headache.

What topic would you love to see more bloggers discuss?

That has to be Patriarchy especially in Africa where women to date suffer from male dominance. Pathetic! I have tried highlighting this issue in two of my articles and I don’t know why i find it necessary to destroy the oppressive male characters in my stories.

What do you hope to achieve in the blogging world?

Being articulate in expressing social affairs of the day. Currently Kenya is facing GBV, Domestic Violence, and FGM. Being able to cover these stories first hand will be my blogger moment

Have you met anybody from a blog in real life? If not, who would you like to meet?

Not met anyone yet but definitely it would be everyone, probably organize a blogger meet up and we get to chat over coffee and share ideas!

Who has been/is your role model? Why?

This question finds me off-guard for real! I really do not have one in particular but i do pick my matching pieces from several humans out there.

Favorite spot to relax?

The Nairobi Arboretum… with a book of-course! Something about the serenity of the place refreshes my inner self…Wait, that moment under a hot shower is heavenly!

One thing you can never get tired of eating?

Chipolatas … we have a special connection.

Do you wear something you’d feel empty without?

Perfume…. I can do without a bra but not a perfume. I use it even after my night shower before going to bed…. Addiction right?

Do you let everyone around you see the real you?

I find it so hard to pretend.. I do me all through, love it or leave it!

Would you ever go to a nudist beach?

OMG! why not, as long as no spy cameras around. Clothes get boring at times. But on a serious note, hiding a little of the titties and genitals with bikinis and “mankinis” would be more of my ideal kind of nudist beach.

Where would you rather be right this moment?

Penang, Malaysia…. the street art, the food, the scenery, the culture…. so breath taking!

I nominate;

Kiddie254 https://kiddie254.wordpress.com/

odongoem https://odongoem.wordpress.com/

Sura Za Tsuma https://wesleytsuma.wordpress.com/

iamwashy https://iamwashyy.wordpress.com/

Betcha Didn’t Know https://betchadidntknowit.wordpress.com/

karaninjiru https://karaninjiru.wordpress.com/

blogstromborn https://blogstormborn.wordpress.com/

An Impartial Soul https://impartialsouls.wordpress.com/

Marcel https://doubleonews.wordpress.com/

Kenphiliporiku https://kenphiliporiku.wordpress.com/

Makaitah https://kenphiliporiku.wordpress.com/

Questions for my nominees;

  1. Why did you choose blogging?
  2. What do you think is the future of blogging?
  3. Do you always finish reading books? What would make you leave a book unfinished?
  4. Would you rather marry a spouse with a 9-5, the suit and tie type or an adventurous spouse who makes a living outside the 9-5 routine, i.e, a producer, a photographer etc?
  5. What’s the most stupid excuse you ever gave your teacher to escape punishment?

Shout out to everyone out there living their lives unbothered and reading my work. Much Love…♥♥♥


Image from Google

The shining stars,

The glowing moon,

The blowing winds,

Seasons come, seasons go,

Not even the night gown could hide,

Hide the curves her body had formed,

Her tender breasteses, round and firm,

So firm that they stood out in every outfit she wore,

With her thick thighs, full bottoms, and a round face,

So perfect that her smile could be seen through her sleepy eyes,

Not even her father could stop a night thrust with her in mind,

She had grown into a full bodied African woman.

Her father, the renowned politician who secretly had sired more than a dozen,

Her father, the man she trusted with her life,

Her father…. the last she remembers was his last moan like a bull in the slaughter,

His body full of sweat.

Her rose was torn, she was in pain, she was disappointed, she hoped she could join her late mother,

Her father, the man she loved, how could she love another?

Her father, the man she trusted, had he done the same to her elder sisters?

Her elder sisters, is that why they never returned home after they left for college?

Is that why her mother had died of depression?

She thought of her younger sister, she was angry at her elder sisters.

She had dreamt of wearing a white gown,

She wanted to walk down the aisle, her father by her side, to meet the man she loved.

She is dripping red, her gown is stained, she cannot love, she cannot trust,

She is out in the streets, draining foolish men of their wealth,

She has nothing to lose, men like her father, ready to prey on the juicy roses belong to hell,

She bleeds, she hurts, but she is on a mission,

Perhaps one day someone will capture the beauty in her, the bleeding rose,

But not today, today she’s drowning herself in some expensive whiskey as she plots against her next client,

Tomorrow might be her dawn, she will be up early, with a simple swipe and forged signatures, all her father’s wealth will be hers.

He will not fight, she will blackmail, besides,he will be too weak from a virus he contracted from an escort she arranged for him.

Humming, “Daddy don’t touch me there” by Queen Ifrica.


Screenshot_2018-01-05-13-49-08-1                                      Image Courtesy of Twitter

A few years ago if you asked me what my motivation was I would have blankly stared at you then after a few seconds of no thinking, I  would go ahead and ask you “In what way?” A motive is a drive, Motivation is something that drives you to do what you do. So,  What motivates you? 

“It takes a lot of courage to grow up and become who you really are” E.E Cummings.

Each person has something that inspires them to carry on with life. What motivates me is not what motivate you or another person. I was curious about what motivates others because I did not want to cage myself  in the imagination of all of us being driven by the same thing. I interacted with friends and asked them about what motivates them. I was overwhelmed by the responses they gave and it really opened me up. I discovered how unique each one of us is and in amusement all I could do is wish them an year driven by their motivation.

My Thoughts on Selected Responses;

  •  Passion is a feeling, feelings come and go. If your passion motivates you, that is okay as long as you can nurture that feeling. But what if you identified something of value, something that could bring about transformation, develop yourself around that thing you identified and feel your passions grow around it.
  • Dreams- I must say I fall under this category but as much as I thought I had it right, somebody challenged me and asked me about the strategy I had towards achieving my dreams. Dreaming alone will not get you anywhere, like one of my smart friends does; setting goals,having a timeline as to when they should be achieved, re-strategizing and not giving up on your dreams will get you going.
  • Fear- Many people are driven by fear to the point where fear overcomes them instead of them overcoming the fear. They are no longer able to try something new, reason you find someone doing the same job, same position even after years. In this life, there will be so many things to scare us. We are created to feel all emotions; love, hate, fear, guilt, sadness, joy, happiness, etc. Instead of going about life trying to avoid fear, accept that you are meant to feel afraid. It is only then that you will realize that it is never as serious as it looks.

                         Denying self expression can lead to depression.

  • Bills- We all want to have our bills paid on time and so this drives us to work harder, part-time and over-time. It sure drives us but is it what we really came for in this world? What if we focused on building our own apartments, constructing our own water reservoirs and have the bills paid to us?
  • Spouse-  I once had a guy that really got me on my toes. We were only 22, but he had already moved out, had his own business running and paying his bills. I totally relate but what if he/she breaks your trust? You never want to hear from them again, that’s the first move and it may be like this forever, what happens to your motivation? In some cases like mine, somehow the two of you can keep contact and see each other grow.
  • Kids/Family- Keep it up, we all want the best for our loved one. Honestly, seeing my people happy is what I live for besides my personal dreams.
  • Lavish Lifestyle- This is what we all want. Buying any home, car that you want, travelling to any destination that you want, and shopping without worrying about the price tag….BUT… are you willing to put in the hard-work?
  • I do not know- This response caught me off guard, its never too late nor too early to find what you really desire in life, search within you, discover the sparks, things that ignite your soul, meditate, reflect on what makes you happy or what has made you feel fulfilled in the past….that could be it.

Did you know that you are a gift to the world? Gifts are precious, do not just come and go, learn who you really are so that you can become who you are.

You need to get out of your comfort zone and go after what you believe in, do not confine yourself to norms or what people expect of you. You are not living for anyone but yourself. Allow yourself to be adventurous because its only then that you will discover what is of value to you. Its at that time that you will start aligning your skills to match that thing of value you discovered and slowly your passions will grow around it.  In simple terms, Let your passions follow you. If you only follow your passion, you limit yourself in that you have no room to discover what else the universe has in store for you.


Dare to be different_ ” If  you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be” Maya Angelou.


I hope this assists someone. Always remember to involve God in all your plans. 







Every NYE I find myself figuring out how the following year will be like. In many cases I find myself stressing out and so as 2017 begun, I decided to just go in without resolutions. However, I knew that I wanted to be a better person and discover what the year had in store for me.

I had freshly graduated from the University and had high hopes of employment whose consequences included standing in long queues under the scorching sun to drop a government job application which I never received not even an email of regret. My thirst for employment got me working at a warehouse which saw me traverse three counties at the wee hours of the morning and  get back home late. The pay was good, I cannot complain. The contract ended, stayed home for about two weeks, and after that I joined the online community and I must say it has been pretty rewarding even though I’m not there yet.

I have always feared that one time my skin would explode but I was not ready for it this year just when I got myself into an office full of young men. Acne has no manners!!! 2017 has seen me battle with it but it never damaged my esteem. Luckily for me, I have been in the company of Photographers that made me realize how beautiful a smile could make you look no matter the scars on your face. My skin has almost cleared up and thanks to God, medication and good diet. My gallery is so full of beautiful photographs taken by my awesome friends that I have made this year(the photographers). When you get time, look up Iconic Media Ventures on social media(Facebook, Instagram) these guys are so good at their work.

PhotoGrid_1514475617552 photo credits; Iconic Media Ventures

2017 has been the year where my assertiveness has paid off, I have been wise enough to observe signs that would have led to troublesome relationships. I have learnt how to be myself without worrying what others will say or think and I have learnt how to respect peoples spaces. I have been very open minded all year long and this has made me at peace with self.

I have learnt that stepping out of my comfort zone is an opportunity to learn. I have spotted beauty in the smallest of things including the beauty of  learning from a stranger. I have fought my phobias in the company of friends by visiting places I haven’t been to. Having the right company at the right time has made me realize that it is okay to get out once in a while and have a good time. Thank you to everyone that has responded to my calls to step out this year. You all have been good.

Not to forget, this year I have become an auntie to a handsome young man which adds up to an auntie to two fine nephews, Baraka & Liam. I have attended dowry and wedding ceremonies of my age-mates. I have witnessed my childhood best-friend get proposed to. In short, reality has really dawned on me that my age is advancing but I am under no pressure…(sips a drink).

Finally, Glory to the Almighty God for the wonderful year and to my Family for being there for me. Just like 2017, I am stepping into 2018 ready to experience what the universe has in store for me. By the Grace of God, I look forward to more growth all round, good health, love and laughter.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that has been reading my articles, you give me motivation to write. I look forward to your continued love and support as I grow. To each one of you, Cheers to a prosperous and beautiful 2018!!!…..


From me to you with love….xoxo!!!



         When was the last time you said no to a drink offered by a friend? Funny how these friends hit you up at your highest point of need. Liquor must have been an experiment of one great scientist that understood psychology all too well. Discovering that the alcohol component can make you temporarily forget your fears and enjoy the moment must have been some effort, I believe.

        Liquor happens to give you a better effect when in the company of great friends and more so when there is somebody new and attractive who belongs to the opposite sex. The conversations get more interesting and funny as the number of drinks increases. People tell out their deepest secrets some of which may incriminate them, thank goodness for the friendly environment and you are all probably on the same level. some people begin opening up and expressing their feelings and emotions both love and hate. Most of us have either sent or received a drunk text/call, its one of the most embarrassing things. There are those who even start crying over something that happened to them over two years ago and it works as a form of therapy, probably they never had a chance to share it with anyone. Subconsciously, some people relieve their sexual tension that they have been holding up for months and they both wake up next morning strangers but happy, whereas some end up being just prey with loads of regrets.


        I am not advocating for alcohol consumption because we have seen it bring out the inhumane nature in people. Spouses have been shot and strangled to death, people have been raped, young girls have had to abort or be teen parents, endless cases of road accidents, women have had to compete with liquor as co-wives…. The negative consequences are more than there are positives just because most people can not handle how much they consume.

        Emotional and cognitive factors should be considered before one chooses alcohol as their element of stress relieve. Both emotional and cognitive instability have adverse effects when they ‘come into contact’ with alcohol. What alcohol does, as much as it gives us a short-lived form of joy, it brings out our subconscious intents. It kills our ability to make conscious decisions, kills our ability to perceive guilt, kills our ability to negotiate between right and wrong. It gives us confidence to do things that we have always wanted to do irrationally. Psychologists understand that it strengthens the id and weakens the ego and the super ego. Therefore, for the emotionally and mentally unstable, which no one is 100% stable, alcohol tends to make them lethal not only to themselves but also to others.

  • If you cannot handle ‘alcohol’ whereby it causes you to do things that you constantly regret, it the high time you quit.
  • If you are under the age of 18 years, do not even think about it.
  • If you plan to go out on a drinking spree, do not drive.

        If you ever decide to quit drinking, have a concrete reason and let it known to friends that understand you, otherwise, you will end up a worse consumer than before. For example, let them know you quit because of your health, or because it made you make a huge mistake. Another reason you should never be ashamed of telling your people is; because you have been Born Again, God will be very proud of you when you confess it.

Just know your limits, not everything is meant for you…


Side Note;

  1. What does ‘alcohol’ make you do or make someone you know do?
  2. Do those activities encourage or discourage your consumption?

Let’s carry out the discussion on whatsApp or on email…..


I have always had this fear of bridges ever since I fell off one and almost drowned in a river when I was a kid. Every time I’ve had to cross a bridge I do experience that fall effect just when I start catching sleep at night. As an adult, I have always been up to doing things that will help me make peace with my past.

This one time I’m sited in the house googling places I would visit on a budget within Nairobi and Kitengela Hot Glass pops up among other places. It must have been the bridge that made me settle on visiting the place. I felt that it would give me the best opportunity to face my phobia with bridges.

Immediately I posted internet images of the place on my whatsApp statuses and invited friends to join me. I made it clear that we would ride on the famous Rongai matatus which by the way I have always wished to board especially after the “Mat Za Ronga” hit song by @Tunji. It was a bit disappointing that only two responded, my best friend and my Cousin and another one wished to come but he was tied up on the particular day. With no doubt, my amazing younger sister would have been party to the idea only that she was miles away with my baby nephew.

Finally the day arrived and not even the rain stopped us from our adventure. Hooked up in town, boarded a Nganya, took a tuk tuk(Bajaj) at the Masai Lodge stage in Rongai and after a long stretch we were at the Anselm Kitengela Hot Glass. The experience was out of this world. I will let the images speak, besides a picture is worth more than words.



IMG-20171021-WA0103This is the dreaded bridge… good thing is there is someone to help you cross.

IMG_20171022_084806_260From the look on my face you can tell the adrenaline was real… worst case scenario is that there is a baboon that waits for you to get to the center just for it to start swaying the bridge…no lie

IMG-20171021-WA0082That moment of silence as we were all doubting our decision…

IMG-20171021-WA0100Finally the confidence came through…


IMG-20171021-WA0090I fell in Love with the Mosaic design all over the place giving it a magnificent look and feel…

IMG-20171021-WA0087These molded pieces are the main source of attraction, why its called a glass house… you need to see how fast the artisans make these pieces, the burning heat in the furnace will make you want to change your ways because hell is real…

IMG-20171021-WA0152I almost ate the bird on my cus’ hand and the flower molded for us in seconds… the staff members are very social. You will love them…

IMG-20171021-WA0092Come and taste my, African beer (Brenda Fassie)….

IMG-20171021-WA0049Before we left, since it was the week when the Wanjigi Challenge was the trend of town, my people had to pull one. Grim reaper was representative.

You need to pay this place a visit and carry home the amazing glass pieces of art. I had so many requests on the whereabouts of this place by friends after posting images of our amazing time here. All you need is great company, not necessarily a crowd, and a spirit of adventure. I had the best team and with time we will have a lot on our travel diaries.


Enjoy your Festive season, and remember to put God first in all your plans.


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